For disinfecting manicure set, use methods such as boiling, hot air and steam. In nail salons are shown to the use of solutions with a wide spectrum of antimicrobial action. For rapid disinfection and sterilization of manicure tools before using them at home, wipe the surface with alcohol or even leave it for a while. Then, remove them with clean hands and dry.
For disinfection and sterilization of instruments made of metal boil some water. Wash them with soap and water and place in boiling water for 15-20 minutes. Without touching the surface of the tools with your hands, remove them with clean tongs and place in a resealable plastic bag until next use.
You can resort to using the oven. To do this, preheat the oven to 200oC, wash manicure with soap and water and dry. Clean forceps, place the tools on the baking sheet. Leave them in the oven for 15 minutes. Remove, let cool and place in sealed package. This is not the best method of sterilization, especially if the tool is used by different people. For more effective and rapid disinfection buy a special sterilizer.
In salons immediately after use, the instruments are cleaned of visible dirt with cotton swabs or brass brushes. Then they shift into another container with disinfectant solution. For this purpose, "Lysoformin", "Maxican","Polices", "Liestal" or "Bacillol". Any of these solutions are suitable for soaking instruments and disinfect the working surfaces. The liquid should completely cover all the items. The exposure time depends on the chosen solution. All manipulations are performed in protective gloves.
Strictly according to instructions, observe the rules of breeding, use and replace solution. Choose tools with anti-corrosion additives (for example, "Bacillol"). They will keep tools in working condition for a long time. Containers with solutions of disinfectants should be with lids and the inner panel with holes to drain the solution and also be marked with the name, concentration and date of preparation. After disinfection rinse instruments with water and dry thoroughly.
There is also ultrasonic disinfection. It is applied using ultrasonic sterilizer, which is filled with disinfectant solution. This method is useful for tools of complex shape.