Petrov post is lax, but in 2014 it is quite long (26 days). Abstinence is in the summer, so the Orthodox have no difficulty in choosing the foods that are allowed as a vegetable for consumption. So, already there are fruits and vegetables, mushrooms, called "forest meat".

Charter of the Orthodox Church prescribes abstinence from vegetable oil in the Wednesdays and Fridays of all time Petrov post. However, some priests bless to eat butter these days as nishozhdenie to person.

In Saturdays and Sundays of lent Charter authorizes the eating of fish. The practice of the present gives an indication of what fish can taste not only during weekends but also during all the time except Wednesday and Friday when they can be allowed to oil. In this issue, every Christian makes the choice himself after a Council with the priest.

It turns out that the special problems in the selection of food there. You can eat fish, other seafood (e.g., shrimp, squid, octopus, fish ROE), various mushrooms, vegetables and fruits.

Also Christian needs to remember about the inside of the post. While abstinence is desirable not only eat the allowed foods, but also to try to lead a spiritual struggle with passions, to confess and take communion in order to spiritual joy to celebrate the feast of the memory of the Holy apostles Peter and Paul.