Positive results against the virus

As you know, the virus is able to rapidly evolve (mutate). The ability to transfer the direct contact of the mucous Obolglasses, through the blood, semen, breast milk makes it an especially dangerous and unpredictable. According to the statements of Australian academics of Queensland Institute, they will be able to obtain a potential cure in the near future.

Professor David Harrich received preliminary positive results and, if successful, clinical trials will begin large-scale studies in patients with HIV. The secret of Professor is the ability to outsmart the virus and force it to be in a state of sleep. It human immune cells contain the necessary protein to obtain strong protection from the disease.

However, the General opinion of scientists can't come. Single best methods of treatment is still not developed, although some new medicines are available more than 23 antiviral medications. In the next 25 years, the researchers plan to look for new ways to confront drug resistance (stability) to develop potentially effective strategies and drugs.

Promising directions

In the coming years many of the leading laboratories rely on the appearance of effective vaccines and prevention tools. Therefore, the disease will not fade, will have to resort to less expensive methods of treatment with poorly defined side effect.
To already developed drugs, the virus rapidly acquires cross-resistance, and scientists constantly have to develop fundamentally new classes of drugs.

Fresh medical industry the latest prospective developments of methods for the treatment of HIV — nanotechnology. Modern science has made serious progress in this field and with great success uses the first achievement of HIV.
Thanks to nanotechnology has considerably accelerated progress in advanced development of useful drugs.

The use of nanotechnology in combination with modern methods of therapy allows patients to live a normal life until a ripe old age and have minimum side effects from treatment. Of course, you have to constantly be under the scrutiny of doctors and permanently keep the virus under control. According to the statements of competent experts for the next 10 years will bring to mankind the new techniques and drugs that completely cure HIV.