The familiar name of the disease collected from the first letters of the following words: acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. The danger of AIDSand the fact that it so weakens the immune system, that people die from many diseases that previously, the body would have coped without any problems. The cause of death may be different from the ordinary pneumonia to cancer.
The viral nature of the disease, and prolonged time the human immunodeficiency virus does not manifest itself, symptoms of AIDSand are observed much later. Diagnosed with AIDS during the biochemical analysis of blood. The initial indicator of the absence of HIV in the blood can not be considered completely reliable because of the fact that he has the ability to occur immediately. Therefore, the blood transfusion stations collected material is quarantined and only after re-diagnosis, a few months blood is considered healthy and is ready to use.
The infected person is potentially dangerous, as even in the absence of his disease, he carries the disease and can infect other people. Not all virus carriers become ill, the nature of this phenomenon is unexplained, but in some cases, HIV does not causes the development of AIDS.
Infection in the domestic environment is not possible, the disease AIDS is only transmitted sexually, from infected mother to newborn, through the blood that contains the virus.
For several years the presence of a disease indicative only swollen lymph nodes. Then the temperature rises, the person loses weight and begins to suffer from various diseases.
Treatment of AIDSand there are drugs that support the immune system and helps to resist viruses. To date, ideal medicine which could completely cure from AIDSand was not invented. All therapy is aimed only at preserving the life expectancy of the patients.