What if you learned about HIV-positivity

To continue to live. But it is necessary to reconsider the way of life, visit the doctor that you were prescribed antiretroviral therapy. The objective is to minimize the amount of virus to maintain immunity and prevent the development of AIDS.

Be careful to your health. Avoid contact with sick with the flu, infectious and viral diseases. Possible avoid going to places where lots of people use to travel own transport.

If you are planning to pursue higher education, there is no reason to change their plans. You can learn, build a career, raise a family, and with a positive look to the future. HIV life goes on or ends.

Of course, once you learn that you are HIV positive, you can experience shock. Keep calm, don't try to forget, taking alcohol or drugs. It will not help to solve the problem and will only exacerbate anxiety.

If you are unable to cope with stress, visit the counseling center HIV carriers and infected patients.

Your right not to tell anyone about HIV. But you have to ensure that your loved ones are protected from contamination. HIV is not transmitted through common household items. When you have sex, use a reliable means of protection.

A healthy life with HIV

A healthy lifestyle is proper nutrition, adherence to work and rest, systematic exercise. To support the immune system, you will need not only proper treatment but a balanced diet. Include in your diet red meat, plenty of vegetables and fruits, nuts, dairy products, cereals, fatty fish.

Do daily morning exercises. Physical activity will help prevent depression and gives you energy for the whole day.

Family planning with HIV

How to plan a family and is it possible to have a healthy baby? This issue is of concern to all HIV-positive patients. HIV is not a reason to abandon happiness and the birth of the baby. Currently, a pregnant woman who receive appropriate treatment for HIV can give birth to a perfectly healthy child. Only in 1% of cases the newborn is infected in utero. Delivery is performed via cesarean section. The only condition is that the HIV positive mother should breastfeed.