Running is an intense physical activity, which seriously degrade the cardiovascular system, joints, muscles and the human body. For healthy people such loads only useful, they contribute to the prevention of many diseases, strengthen the immune system and make the body stronger. But if you have health problems, with the help of running can only worsen.
Running in the first place is a serious burden on the cardiovascular system during class, breathing quickens, heart rate increases, the heart begins to pump blood. So if you experience problems with heart and blood vessels Jogging is contraindicated, it is especially dangerous to run with the transferred heart attack of a myocardium (there is the risk of a second heart attack), heart defects, previous stroke, angina. People with heart rhythm disorders, heart failure, narrowing of the atrial holes is necessary to consult a doctor before you start Jogging. It is desirable for any heart problems to replace running a fast walk.
While running not only the heart, but the lungs have to work more actively, so the contraindications include many of the diseases associated with the respiratory system. You can not run people with bronchial asthma, pulmonary insufficiency.
The huge load caused by running the propulsion system, and hardest joints. Professional runners know that running can wear these fragile parts of the skeleton. Therefore, for any joint problems – arthritis, polyarthritis, arthrosis – run contraindicated. Also, you cannot perform physical activity for people with osteoarthritis, problems with the spine, intervertebral hernias.
Strong and progressive myopia is an important reason not to run: at first glance, this illness seems unrelated to running, but actually there's so much pressure may lead to retinal detachment. For the same reason you can't run through people with glaucoma. Contraindications to the run are any serious chronic diseases or exacerbation of chronic diseases. It is impossible to run during the cold and any disease, it may lead to complications.
Even healthy people should be run carefully in order not to harm your body. First, be sure to wear the special running shoes before a jog, they have a cushioning sole will save your joints from injury. Secondly, it is desirable to run on soft ground, not on asphalt, the pounding of feet on the hard surface wear out the joints. Increase the load slowly, remember that running is aerobic exercise, you should have enough breath to complete, with shortness of breath you need to slow down.