One of the main, but at the same time, one of the newest holidays celebrated in the Russian Federation in mid-June. The twelfth number of the first summer month is a red letter day. The day of Russia, the people called independence Day, usually celebrated in 2002.

Specifically on this day in 1990, Russia became a sovereign state on the basis of the Declaration. From that day began the update of the Russian statehood. The main purpose of the document was to ensure a decent life to every person.

Exactly one year later Boris Yeltsin won the elections and became Prime Minister. In June 1992, the holiday is called "day of the state sovereignty of the Russian Federation". In 1998, at the initiative of the head of state, it was decided to rename it to the Day of Russia.

To the delight of many Russians, this holiday is declared a public holiday. In his honor all over the country hold events on squares, in museums, in the parks. Are also performances of creative collectives, brass band, sports competitions, theatre festivals. On this day there was the presentation of awards in the Kremlin Palace. Each year the celebration ends with a Grand fireworks display.

Every year this holiday becomes more Patriotic, mass and is a symbol of unification of the Russians.