The benefits of using utyatnitsu

Because duck is quite hard, it requires a long heat treatment. That's why baking it whole it is best to use a roaster. Due to the special structure and thick walls of heat in the dishes is distributed evenly, which allows you to eventually get very tender, juicy and flavorful dish.

In addition to the duck, in a pot to cook any poultry and meat, and a variety of vegetables. And a roaster made of cast iron, which is considered to be the best, you can also use for cooking this pilaf – the rice in this dish, you get the same crisp and delicious as a cooking pot.

Glass or ceramic roaster can only be used in the oven. But cast iron or aluminium suitable for cooking on the stove. The only disadvantage of utyatnitsu is a longer cooking process, but the resulting dish is worth the wait.

How to cook stuffed duck in the roaster

the carcass of a duck;
- orange;
- 1-2 Apple;
- 1 tbsp of mayonnaise;
- salt and black pepper coarsely ground;
- 150 ml of dry white wine.

Duck gut if necessary, then carefully wash and dry cloth. RUB with a mixture of black pepper and salt both outside and inside. Then peel the fruit from the rind, cut into slices and nafarshiruyte them the bird. Sew the belly of the coarse thread, and coat chicken with mayonnaise. Leave at room temperature for 1 hour.

After the allotted time put the bird in a roaster, cover it with a lid and place in a preheated 200oC oven. In an hour pour in a roaster white wine, cover again and bake for another 60-90 minutes, from time to time basting the duck eye-catching juice. When the meat is tender, remove the duck and place it on a plate. Then cut it into portions pieces and serve with stuffing.

How to cook vegetables in the roaster

- 3 potatoes;
- onions;
- eggplant;
- 150 g of cauliflower;
- 2 bell peppers;
- tomato;
- carrot;
- a mixture of Provencal herbs;
- greens;
- olive oil.

Potatoes, onions and carrots peel and cut into large, but roughly the same size cubes. Tomatoes scald with boiling water, remove the skin and dice them together with the eggplant. Bulgarian pepper remove the tail and seeds, chop into large pieces. Divide cabbage into inflorescences. Put all the vegetables in a Cup and mix with salt, pepper, herbs, herbs de Provence and olive oil. Then put in a roaster, add 100 ml of water, cover and bake about an hour at a temperature of 200oC.