Be irresistible. Choose clothes not only for its taste, but at the discretion of men. Alluring outfits will attract his attention and touched the heart. Put nice hair and apply natural makeup. Stay beautiful in any situation, because men love with their eyes.
Touch it as often as possible. Touching soothe men, give them confidence in your attachment. Lightly Pat him on the hand, foot play under the table in the restaurant and often hug.
Do not skimp on the compliments. Men are not less women love praise. Celebrate his masculinity, strength, intelligence and other qualities, which he is proud. Let a man feel like a hero, show that you admire him. Even if the reasons for praise, no, tell me sweet words in your ear, tell about their feelings.
Don't limit his freedom. Men love freedom, freedom of choice and any obstacles perceived as interference. Let him spend the evening with friends, let alone or spend time in line with his desires. He will appreciate your patience and thank.
Respect his interests. Find out what he likes, what he enjoys, what dreams and what he wants. This will help you find a gift for the holidays and show your best side. Instead of the banal gift to give him what he really wants to. Separate his interests or start new ones that will join you. You can enjoy spending time together, will be another topic of conversation.
Talk to him heart to heart. The conversation must relate to his life, thoughts, feelings and problems. Let them know that you care about what is important to him. Listen carefully, try to suggest a solution or simply support. Any participation in his life will bring a man pleasure.