As alcohol and nicotine affect prenatal development

It is known that alcohol abuse and Smoking during pregnancy affect the fetus negatively, until the termination of early pregnancy. If not, then still, these children are often born prematurely, are underweight and lack of growth.

Harmful substances from tobacco and alcohol, with chronic use, penetrate through the placenta into the bloodstream of the developing baby and cause a negative disorders of the nervous system of the baby. In the best case, the behavior of the mother leads to the birth of children with cerebral palsy and mental and physical disabilities, at worst, leads to death in utero, or during birth.

In addition, alcohol causes a disruption of the anatomical structure of the body of the fetus. For example, smokers and drinkers are women, most children born with abnormalities of the vocal apparatus, the so-called "harelip" and "cleft palate".

Such babies born to Smoking and drinking mothers in the future, there are drowsiness, confusion, mental retardation and other negative changes.

About the influence of bad habits on the gestation and birth of children has been written and said a lot, but the doctors do not cease to call on girls as future mothers to a healthy way of life, because it is absolutely necessary to human existence.

What to do if you didn't know?

If you found out she was pregnant and it came as a surprise to you:

First, calm down. Nerves in this case not only does not improve the situation, and can only further harm.

Secondly, give up bad habits immediately, as seen in the presence of pregnancy. This can be difficult, especially if Smoking or drinking of intoxicating beverages was not episodic, but the female body at this time has a special forces, your task is to activate them, deciding once and for all that their own health and the health of your baby above all else for you.

Third, go to the doctor. Finally, make sure that the pregnancy (not ectopic, etc.). Share with an expert your fears. He will tell you what to take to neutralize the negative influence and, if necessary, will offer you additional diagnostic procedures.

And last, believe in the best. Ask forgiveness from your baby because you were hurting yourself and him. Usually it helps to find peace of mind, better health. Eat properly and fully, walk more, listen to good music. In short, get used to it, will soon become a happy mother of a little beautiful baby that needs your care and protection now.