Misconceptions about Smoking during pregnancy

One of the most significant myths says that Smoking during pregnancy is very dangerous for the baby. Of course, it is not. Every cigarette you cigarette threatens the pregnancy and health of the future baby. Therefore, the ideal option would be to quit Smoking before conception.

It is considered that cigarettes are higher quality and cause less harm. People who agree with this, very wrong. The effect of all cigarettes the same, it does not depend on their prices. Just expensive cigarettes contain various flavors, they are pleasant to smoke, but they also harm the organisms of the mother and child.

There is a perception that during pregnancy you cannot quit Smoking. They say, begins the purification of the body, it passes through the fetus and hurting him. But any doctor will tell you that continuing to smoke is more dangerous.

Some pregnant women realize that their habit can harm the baby, but can't get rid of it. And then they decide to switch to more light cigarettes, believing that in this way the body will do less nicotine and tar. But this does not affect the risk reduction. The smoker will seek to compensate for the level of nicotine in the body, deeper inhaling smoke or Smoking more number of cigarettes.

Gradual quitting Smoking also has little effect. The best thing you can do is to give up cigarettes at one point. So the body will be purified much faster.

The effects of Smoking on early pregnancy

In the first trimester of pregnancy formed the organs and systems of the human body. In the future they will only develop, and the fetus to gain weight and grow.

Smoking at this stage of pregnancy can cause spontaneous miscarriage or "sinking" of pregnancy. Statistics show that pregnant smokers miscarriages happen in 2 times more often than women who lead a healthy lifestyle.

Smoking in early pregnancy may cause congenital abnormalities of the baby. The child will face a pathology of neural tube, bone and other body systems if the mother will not abandon their addiction.

The effects of Smoking on late pregnancy

In the second trimester in full force starts to work the placenta. Through it the child receives oxygen and nutrients. If a pregnant woman smokes, the child isn't getting enough oxygen, which may be acute or chronic hypoxia. This can also be premature maturation of the placenta, and it would be worse to operate.

Smoking during pregnancy can cause premature birth. Mothers with addiction to cigarettes, several times often born premature infants. And children born at term have lower weight. By the way, it is affected by Smoking not only during pregnancy but also prior to its occurrence.

Stillborn children of Smoking women born about 20% more often than non-smokers. If the expectant mother smokes more than a pack of cigarettes a day, that figure rises to 35%. But much depends not on the fact of Smoking, but also from other adverse factors. If a woman, in addition to Smoking, is sexually transmitted diseases and other infections, drink alcohol, the risk of giving birth to a dead baby increases significantly.

When the baby is born

Many believe that if Smoking during pregnancy did not leave immediately the various effects – it's all good. But this is absolutely not true.

Mothers who are unable to quit when she had her baby, and continue to do it further, produces less milk and it has a bitter taste. Because of this, many babies refuse the breast and they have to be fed artificially.

Babies with Smoking moms increases the risk of dying from sudden cardiac arrest. This happens in babies in the first year of life for no apparent reason. The risk is increased in women who smoked in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy.