The choice of a tractor

Mini-tractors are good for small areas. To work in a field requires a powerful tractor. Today they produce both domestic and foreign companies. The first is to define the list of tasks and operations that you plan to do. Depend on vehicle characteristics. Responsibly this time. The tractor is quite expensive, so the specifications define in advance.

Proceed to select the type of tractor. Each machine is designed for a range of works. Wheeled tractors are good for transportation and field work. Note that these tractors skidding on wet and loose soil. Crawler indispensable in the marshy terrain and loose soils. They are less pressure on the ground.

On the market a lot of companies that sell tractors. Pay attention not only to the factory or the brand, but also for the vendors. Think carefully about the budget. If you care about brand and prestige, choose the American or European tractor production. Remember that in the repair and maintenance of such equipment will be much more expensive than domestic or Chinese counterparts.

Choosing a tractor in China, pay attention not only on its appearance and low price, and the service life and components. Think about what drive you need. It is best to buy a tractor with all-wheel drive, but this car will be worth more. Pay attention to ground clearance, maneuverability, smoothness, organization of space for the driver.

Among the main characteristics of any tractor it is necessary to highlight its capacity and traction performance. It is not necessary to connect these two concepts. The performance of the tractor and is affected by the suspension system. Under certain conditions it can be effective, and in others the efficiency is reduced. The chassis defines a working resource.

What to pay attention

Once you decide with all the options, pay attention to the volume of the fuel tank. Specify the ground clearance and wheelbase. Be sure to ask about the engine power, brand and country manufacturer. Having defined the class of the tractor and its modification, continue to the purchase process.

Write down all companies that sell tractors in your town. Go and look at the car. If you buy domestic cars, get in contact with the plants find out about the warranty. If in doubt, do not rush to pay for the purchase. After visiting a few shops, talking to consultants, you get the idea of being sold models. Select the most suitable tractor.