You will need
  • For the tempura flour:
  • - 200 g flour;
  • - 6 eggs;
  • - 5 tbsp milk;
  • - 3 tbsp sour cream;
  • - 3 tbsp cream;
  • - 2-3 cloves of garlic;
  • Sol.
  • For batter with starch:
  • 1 egg;
  • - 2 tbsp of starch;
  • Sol.
  • For the cheese batter:
  • - 3 eggs;
  • - 60 g of hard cheese;
  • - 4 tbsp of wheat flour;
  • - 100 ml whipped cream;
  • ground pepper;
  • Sol.
  • For batter with breadcrumbs:
  • - 4 tbsp of wheat flour;
  • - 1-2 tbsp prepared mustard;
  • - 3-4 tbsp sour cream;
  • - 3 tbsp vegetable oil;
  • - ½ Cup of water;
  • - 3 tablespoons breadcrumbs;
  • Sol.
  • For vegetable tempura:
  • - 1 bell pepper;
  • - 1 onions;
  • - ½ Cans of canned corn;
  • - 2 eggs;
  • - flour;
  • Sol.
The batter with the flour

Mix raw eggs with milk, cream and sour cream. Give everything a good stir and stirring constantly, stir in the flour. Add passed through the press garlic cloves and salt. Whisk the batter with a wooden phallus until smooth. Sliced portions of pork repel a wooden hammer, salt and pepper on both sides. Then dip in batter and fry in vegetable oil.
The batter starch

Mix potato or corn starch with salt. Beat in the mixture of raw egg and stir very well. Portioned slices of pork, and repel with a steak hammer and pre-marinate in a mixture of lemon juice, soy sauce, garlic, sugar and grated ginger. Then dip it in the batter of starch and fry on both sides in vegetable oil.
Batter with cheese

Eggs pre-chill and whip with a whisk. Then pour in heavy cream and mix thoroughly. Hard cheese grate on fine grater and add to egg mixture. Season the batter with salt and ground pepper. Mix well all ingredients. Pork chops RUB with salt and pepper, zapaniruyte in wheat flour, then dip in batter and fry in vegetable or melted butter.
Batter with breadcrumbs

Mix the sour cream with vegetable oil (better to use olive oil) and flour. Add prepared mustard, salt and pepper. Give everything a good stir. Pour the water into a small saucepan and heat to room temperature and, after removing from heat, immediately pour a thin stream in preparing the batter. Whisk thoroughly all the components with a whisk or electric mixer until smooth. Watch, to avoid lumps. Last stir in the breadcrumbs and again mix everything well. If the batter gets too thick, add some more water. Repulsed portions of pork dipped in the prepared batter and fry in a pan in vegetable oil.
Vegetable tempura

Bell pepper wash and dry, onions clean from the husk. Then the prepared vegetables cut into small pieces. In a deep bowl, combine onion, bell pepper and corn. Separately, whip with a whisk a raw egg with salt. Then add them to the vegetables and carefully stirred. If the batter turns watery, add a couple of tablespoons of flour and stir. Dip pieces of pork in the vegetable batter and fry until tender.