Category, the future driver in the Republic of Belarus

State traffic police of the Republic of Belarus today issues certificates to the drivers who mastered courses in seven categories.

Category "a" will allow you to drive a motorcycle, when you select a category the driver receives permission to manage the cars. So, this includes cars weighing up to 3.5 tons and a passenger capacity of up to 8 people; choosing "C", you can safely get behind the wheel of a vehicle weighing more than 3.5 tonnes. Category "D" will be irreplaceable for those who wants to manage a transport capacity of more than nine people, but the "E" is designed for people committed to managing all the aforementioned means, and thus allows to use the tractor.

But if the driver works on public transport, he should get a license with the open categories of such appointment:
- category "I", for control trolley;
- category F - management of the tram.

Some of the features when you open the categories

When the driver works in trolleybus Park and operates an articulated bus, it is mandatory to have a licence with the appropriate category and also to obtain a special certificate of the second class.

In contrast to the Russian traffic rules in Belarus there are a lot of nuances and refined requirements for the driver's documents. So, drivers with open categories "b", "C" and "D" can control and even a trailer, but it should not exceed weight more than 0.75 tons. But if the weight of this trailer more than the above, then you should still open an extra "E".

Drivers need to know that driving licence is valid for only 10 years, then will need to take care of the new. In addition, when obtaining a certificate drivers must carry and pass, without which you just can't control any vehicles.

Modern driving school is focused on the working population, so most of them conducts classes in the evening, and the exams did organize during the weekend.

Curious about innovation in the administrative code of Belarus, according to which if a student of a driving school does not give theoretical or practical exam with the first or second time, he is obliged to undergo the whole course again. And there are no exceptions. Similar is the case with those who were deprived of the rights for the offense, especially a DUI (regardless of how great the driving experience of the offender).