How to choose a sanatorium for children

Bronchopulmonary sanatorium is a great place for treatment and rehabilitation of patients.

Especially important is this method of therapy for children. To correctly select the broncho-pulmonary sanatorium for children, certain rules must be followed.

First, the sanatorium should be located away from major cities, highways and industrial plants, closer to the woodlands. This ensures bole clean air in the area.

Second, the Spa should not be used by various drug treatments. These include inhalation, physiotherapy, oxygen cocktails, balneotherapy, mud baths, massage, aromatherapy, phototherapy and others.

Thirdly, such institutions should work with qualified medical personnel who properly conduct all the necessary procedures.

Fourth, for children should be created the optimal psychological atmosphere, warmth and comfort. It is desirable that near the sanatorium were water, forest, mountains. Of great importance is the climate ( temperature, humidity ). In sanatoria treatment of diseases such as bronchial asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia.

How to choose a resort for adults

Most often, broncho – pulmonary sanatoriums rest and treated not children, but adults. There are those companies where there are separate corps: family, adult, child, separated from each other. For example, one of the best-known resorts is the "Eaglet". He is in the Crimea and is very popular. In addition to diseases of the respiratory system, treat diseases of the nervous system, gynecological diseases. That is, it is a diversified sanatorium.

Great importance when choosing a resort for adults is the presence of the main methods of treatment of pulmonary disorders such as: hydrotherapy, massage, acupuncture, homeopathy.

When choosing a bronchopulmonary sanatorium has a value and its equipment: the presence of artesian water, catering, availability of sports and fitness activities and more. Most resorts of this type are free, but the number of free places is limited.

Bronchopulmonary sanatorium is a great place not only to cure the diseases of the respiratory system, but also to strengthen their health, enjoy the fresh air, nature and relax.