How to avoid mistakes in choosing a chicken for roasting in the oven

  • For baking it is better to choose frozen and chilled chicken medium size. Too much can be bad chicken grilled, plus it may not be enough soft and tender meat.
  • Do not choose on the market lean chickens - they tasteless meat. Muscle tissue from the chicken should be well developed, it should be "plump". Breast of chicken must be rounded with no protruding bones.
  • The skin of the chicken should be pinkish in color-yellow, smooth. The same smooth, without spots, should be meat and fat.Frankly yellow fat in poultry is undesirable, it needs to be milk-white in color, with a slight tinge of yellow.
  • If the skin color of the hen is grayish and muscle fibers differ uneven tone, spots - chicken will not.
  • Buying a chicken, smell it. High quality meat chicken is raw, a nice sweet smell.
  • Before putting the chicken in the oven, it is necessary to prepare: osmality on fire, to wash, to dip cloth and RUB with spices and salt, and allow to soak 20-30 minutes.

How to choose the right container for baking

  • For roasting chicken is an excellent choice of cast iron or ceramic cookware with high sides. She warms up evenly, so the chicken will not burn, and will be grilled evenly.
  • Ideal for baking a glass or metal container: a pan or a saucepan.To cook them, of course, not as good as ceramic and cast iron containers. as it should pay more attention to the temperature regime below the chicken didn't burn, baked evenly.
  • For those who want to do without hassle when baking chicken, you should pay attention to the special fixtures for roasting: for example, deep container with a cone in the middle, or metal stand for vertical roasting.
  • The chicken can be baked on the grill, but then you can't make it with roasted vegetables, potatoes. Cooking options will be much less.
  • Another way - a hen on the Bank. For this you will need a tray (they can be an ordinary baking tray). Fill the jar with narrow tapering neck with water and spread the chicken on top. The chicken will be grilled, and the steam from the jar will make the meat tender.

How to cook chicken and at what temperature

  • According to the "classics", chicken baked in the oven is complete when the temperature inside the carcass dostaet 85 degrees. But because of the special thermometers most of the cooks there, when the chicken is done is determined by external signs, which will be discussed below. The main thing - to follow the rules, and that will lead to the desired result.
  • Before you put the chicken in the oven well preheat the oven to 180-200 degrees, at this temperature, 1 kg chicken, baked through in 40 minutes.
  • How ready chicken, you can define, poking it with a fork or toothpick in the center of the breast. If the separated fluid is blood or slime to get it out of the oven before, but if the hole stands out clear liquid - the chicken is ready.
  • To overdo the chicken in the preheated oven, as the meat will acquire an unpleasant smell of burnt fat and bad taste. It will become too dry and lose tenderness and juiciness.