Hasty cooking chicken without preparation leads to the fact that the meat becomes tough and the taste quality is lost. Fried chicken will not only satisfy, but also delight for gourmands will appreciate the tenderness of roasted fragrant meat.

The effect of dairy products on the quality of the meat

Long ago discovered the secret of milk and dairy products. Even the toughest meat after soaking in the milk becomes softer and juicier. Therefore, before cooking you need the carcass to fill with milk, poke with a fork in several places and before you fry the chicken, leave in fridge for at least 2-3 hours. After that RUB salt and spices and fry. The meat is soft, tender and juicy.

Instead of milk you can use yogurt or mayonnaise. The principle is the same, only need to mix the marinade with 2 tablespoons of salt, pepper, coriander in equal proportions. For flavor you can add chopped garlic. Cooking chicken takes place for 30-40 minutes.

Proven "old-fashioned" ways

Even our grandmothers and mothers knew how to fry chicken, it is planted in half-liter jar with water and put in the oven or the oven. Today, this method is also relevant, but gourmets prefer instead of water, use wine. Evaporating, it permeates the meat, enveloping alluring aroma and giving amazing taste and tenderness. This chicken does not require a side dish.

In the pre-fried vegetables cooked with spices chicken will be dry. The taste of the vegetables will give an individual gusto, and the composition of the fragrances will awaken the appetite. The excellent properties of meat will provide the vegetable filling. Very tasty to cook meat with fried onions, which adds sweetness. There are plenty of interesting and unusual recipes that anyone can choose for themselves, it all depends on taste preferences.

Important points

Order delicious fried chicken, you should abide by the rule: for cooking it is best to use only fresh chilled carcass. Frozen meat will not give the desired properties. Lemon, pomegranate, pineapple juice adds tenderness to the meat. Need to cook at a temperature of 150-180oC. If frying is carried out in the pan, then the full power of the burner to fry each side until Golden brown.

Delicious tender chicken, made with special love will remember any gourmet. It is important to know the taste preferences, to properly use the ingredients.