You will need
  • The material for the plating, tracing paper, paints, foam rubber, tools for disassembly.
Remove the old seats from your car. They are mounted on rails that are attached to the floor of the car. First you need to remove the seat itself from the runners. Carefully examine the condition of rails and their fastenings to the floor. If they are rusted or bent, they should be brewing or replaced. Remember that the crash of faulty rails can cause harm.
Now you need to remove the covering of your seat. It is attached to the lower iron rings that need to neatly unfold. Try not to break them, to not have to buy a new one. After removing the trim explore the lining. Perhaps it too will have to be replaced. Now you must remain the backbone of the seat. Check the operation of the seat mechanism. If necessary, repair it.
Now you need to make a new lining, a suitable foam rubber with a minimum thickness of five centimeters. You can also make a double layer. The foam should be cut according to the example of the old lining. Then you have to decide what material will be made the covering of your seat. A lot of options. It is worth to rely on your imagination. also remember that the material must be abrasion resistant and as little as possible of collecting up dirt and dust.
Make a pattern which you cut the trim of your seat. Carefully make all measurements as accurate pattern saves you from mistakes and wasted material. The pattern should be done on tracing paper. Also can improve the design of your seat. For example, to add lateral support.
When the pattern is ready, you can start making directly of the details of the plating. Gently apply on the opposite side of the material layout, which you will cut. A few times check the accuracy of marking. After that cut out. Note, that you should always leave everywhere a margin of one to two centimeters. You can now proceed in stitching the workpiece. First sew the workpiece basting and try to put it on the seat. If all fit, then sew a regular seam and remove the basting. Ensure that the lining never whipped and paneling were exactly. If you wish, decorate with a little seat.