The American punk rock genre of rock music. It originated in the mid 1970-ies in US, then spread to other countries. In this music, combined with fierce opposition to the modern punk rock forms of music and social protest. In this intricately intertwined fervently early "original" rock ' n ' roll and primitive execution. By 1977 punk rock, mainly thanks to scandal, became one of the most striking phenomena in rock music. Over time, this genre has got many varieties, many of which attract young performers so far.
For the American punk rock typical of the short duration of songs, a fast paced, aggressive, smooth rhythm, very simple accompaniment, cheeky and rarely technical way of singing. Punk rock lyrics are almost always imbued with socio-political themes, nihilism, aggression. In different types of punk rock has its own distinctive features. This genre is directly linked to the subculture of punk with her nonconformist, outrageous and disorderly conduct.
Actually a subculture of punk and punk rock emerged at the same time. By this time there was already a lot of recorded music, which can be attributed to proto-punk. Some experts believe that the song You Really Got Me, written by the band the Kinks back in 1964, the distinctive punk rock sound. Many researchers attribute the later experiments of the Beatles to proto-punk. Most experts believe the first albums of the group Velvet Underground and the Stooges "classic" of early punk rock.
The first really notable punk groups in the US have Ramones and New York Dolls. Their example was followed by a huge number of young music bands. In the US punk-rock became a sensation of the underground, but the public outcry he bought it in the UK, where it seriously considered as a threat to the well-being of society. The most famous punk-rock band, Britain was the Sex Pistols, in fact they were the real initiators of the punk revolution in the cultural consciousness.
In the late seventies, the popularity of one of the subgenres of punk rock — hardcore. It was characterized by a very fast pace, primitive and aggressive riffs (short characteristic musical passages, around which was built the whole composition), numerogically deliberate and highly politicized lyrics. The first hardcore punk bands appeared only in 1978 in the United States, these include the bands of Fear, and The Germs, the movement spread throughout the United States and Canada in record time.