Advice 1: The best rock band of the 21st century

The 21st century has just begun, but he managed to show the world a lot of bright rock groups, the number of fans which is measured in the millions. Each musical group is committed to become the best, however, such persons may be not all.
The best rock band of the 21st century
Creativity rock bands keen interest a significant part of the contemporary audience. The language in which songs were sung, and for many it remains in the background – all the attention is paid to mood, which is primarily music. However, the division into domestic and foreign rock is still present.

Leading foreign performers

A rating of the best rock bands of this century can scarcely do without the American group Linkin Park, which plays alternative rock. The team often mixes different vocal styles, and uses electronic sound.

No less popular the band Muse from the UK. Lovers rock from around the world consider these guys legends, can work wonders on the stage. The group is familiar to even those who are rock music not interested at all: in one of the commercials Coca-Cola the song Muse – Can't take my eyes off you". In his work team often uses orchestral arrangements and piano performance.

American band 30 Seconds to Mars works in different varieties of rock music, as well as in Post-Grunge. Fans are attracted not only by the gorgeous vocals of lead singer, but also the rhythm, interesting arrangements and a real drive.

Even some Americans – Evanescence – specialists relate to the different direction in rock: Gothic rock, Gothic metal, alternative metal. This band is characterized by a combination of energy and melody, a luxury guitar "riffs" and a stunning female vocal.

Heroes of Russian rock music

Among the best Russian rock groups can be identified Amatory St. Petersburg, which gives the listener a solid and rich sound, as well as texts that carry considerable meaning.

In the genre of alternative rock do the guys in the band Lumen. In the lyrics they pay attention to the problems of modern society, calling for struggle and change within people and hinting that such changes will never be late.

Moscow alternative rock band "Slot" not only creates good music, but also tries to reveal the peculiarities of modern life in his lyrics. The band's sound is somewhat reminiscent of the classics of Russian metal band "Aria".

Genre alternative metal presented on the Russian stage by many bands, among which stands out "Psyche." Characteristic features of creativity: a complex sound palette, emotional lyrics and deep images created in the songs.

Advice 2: Best alternative group

Today alternative music is a huge niche in the music market. A lot of bands playing it are a cult for several generations, which try every possible way to imitate their idols. What are the modern alternative band is the best and most popular?
Best alternative group

The leaders of the rating

The most famous alternative group are Americans of Linkin Park. These talented guys headed by charismatic vocalist Chester Bennington safely mix rock with electronic music and different vocal styles, ranging from metal and ending with rap.

Not less popular among fans of heavy music, even some Americans - the group 30 Seconds to Mars, headed by the versatile Jared Leto. The musicians play in its original style, which has become recognizable thanks to the unique voice of Summer, the rhythm and interesting arrangements.

Jared Leto is known worldwide not only as a singer - he's also a very talented actor and Director.

Best alternative band with female vocals is the band Evanescence, which is famous for its stunning voice of vocalist Amy Lee and guitar riffs, the melody, combined with heavy music and incredible energy. Evanescence started with Gothic metal, but now they are playing in the alternative style mixed in other musical trends of rock music.

Classic alternatives

Alternative band Korn is known to music lovers all over the world. Its vocalist Jonathan Davis is almost a Messiah for fans of alternative, which is massively braid dreadlocks and dressed in black, trying to get closer to his idol. The band plays in a dramatic, sometimes depressing style, and often collaborates with other musicians, recording a stunning duet.

Albums Korn have the player of every self-respecting alternative, because the band has made a huge contribution to the development of alternative music.

Another group of the "Golden age of alternatives" considered Americans Limp Bizkit, led by the inimitable Fred Darst, known for his cropped pants and outrageous antics. Beyond this, however, Darst and his musicians are talented and competent performers of alternative music, perfectly conveying the spirit of protest in each of his songs.

And finally, the Russian alternative band Lumen, performing local songs in which are reflected all the dirt of this world and the call to deal with it. Vocalist, a talented poet and a charismatic performer TEM, he writes the lyrics for their great songs and puts his heart and soul into their performance, making the Lumen of one of the best alternative bands of today.
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