Treatment of hypertrophy of the cervix

The choice of method of treatment of hypertrophy of the cervix depends on the nature of the disease that caused the development of this pathology. Before performing either method of therapy is colposcopy, that is, microscopic visualization. Treatment of cervix inflammation based on the use of anti-inflammatory, antibacterial drugs and drugs that increase the efficiency of the immune response. When hormonal disorders is assigned to hormonal therapy.

The most effective method of treatment of hypertrophy of the cervix - plastic surgery. They are carried out with the aim of reducing the volume of the body and restore reproductive function. Hypertrophy, as a rule, is accompanied by elongation of the cervix. With a slight hypertrophy extends sometimes only the front lip of the vaginal portion of the uterus. She is thrown over the back and closes it. A significant increase in the cervix, causing a sense of loss and omissions may be an indication for amputation of the cervix. In most cases hypertrophy of the cervix is accompanied by prolapse and uterine prolapse and requires more complex operations.

Scarification narodowych cysts

The cervix may be hypertrophied, and in that case, if the uterus is in normal position. In this case, the hypertrophy is caused by inflammation. The ducts of the glands in the region of inflammation are often clogged due to swelling, the result is a retention of bubbles filled with secret. At the same stromal tissue to grow, the bubbles sink deep into the neck, forming the so-called Nabatova cysts that lead to significant thickening of the cervix. The magnitude of these cysts can vary from 2 to 6 mm in diameter. This kind of hypertrophy of the cervix treated with scarification. During treatment, the opening of the cyst by means of a small puncture, and then is plugging the wounds. Such intervention is not always effective; moreover, it is contraindicated in inflammatory diseases.

Minimally invasive treatments

Another method of treatment is narodowych cysts diathermocoagulation. When it is executed prizhivayutsya all the vessels, this gives an additional positive effect in the treatment of inflammation. Can be used and other minimally invasive methods of treatment of pathological conditions. These include excision of excess muscle mass with the help of electric current or liquid nitrogen. One of the promising methods of treatment of hypertrophy of the cervix - conization radio wave. Deleting areas of the muscle membrane is carried out using radio waves. The advantage of this treatment is that the operation is bloodless, in the course of its run-cauterization of the growth areas to prevent relapse after treatment.