Interpreting dreams concerning hair, you need to remember that dreams are the real helpers! They are not only able to predict the future, but also remind about the problems of the past which must be resolved. The important thing is to learn how to use the dream books, because not every book of dreams is able to determine the value of the paintings that had the dreamer. The same image can have completely different and unlike each other's values.

What have gray hair on your head? Dream Interpretation Hasse

Most dream books describes grey hair as a sign of wisdom and a special grown-up "beauty". One of them – dream interpretation Hasse. For example, to find himself on the head in my dream gray hair – to purchase Luggage of wisdom". Dream warns that this knowledge should be used wisely and only for good purposes! According to the dream book Hasse, to find on my clothes, gray hair, and then reset it with itself – rejected by the dreamer the wise assistance. Perhaps this will become a serious mistake.

Gray hair on the head to dream interpretation Tsvetkova

To see himself on the head with the white hair is kind of growing up. Waking the dreamer is in full combat readiness to take certain important decisions. Now his new Outlook may be able to be aimed in the right direction. This dream marks the beginning of a new phase of life. The dreamer needs to take it for granted.

What have gray hair on your head? The Dream Miller

Miller is sure that the dream in which one sees the gray hairs on his head is the symbol of wisdom. For example, the combing of white hair, standing in front of the mirror, tells about an incredible desire to competently and correctly to unravel any situation. To care in the dream for gray hair – want to get sharp corners in any life situation.

To see in the mirror himself on the head with gray hair to the troubles, worries and sorrows. If the dreamer sees in the mirror as his hair turns gray right before your eyes, the reality of the trouble and difficult situations will come with a delay of several years! In the near future concerns the dreamer will not. The diversity of gray hair that were accidentally discovered on the head during sleep, talking about some meaningless liability for which the dreamer will have to work like a galley slave!

What dreams gray hair on your head? Dream Of Juno

The compilers of the book of dreams say that gray hair, seen in a dream on his or someone else's head, portends incredibly difficulties in life. If a person dreams a gray hair on his head father or mother, it is a sign warning of concern from his parents. The fact that awake, and dad and mom concerned about the life and behavior of their grown-up child. Don't forget to pay attention to them. They need support, love and care!