That needs to carry a driver? Perhaps the answer to this question is known to every motorist. To start is to understand what you have to carry a driver according to the Russian legislation, but then – what you need to have in order not to get into a difficult situation.

Documents required driver

Russian law provides that the driver of the vehicle shall always keep a list of certain documents. To start – the driver's license of appropriate category, which gives the right to drive the car, and in the absence of temporal resolution.

You must carry registration documents on a vehicle, and if you have a trailer – that the documents on him. Well, the last required document is a policy of compulsory third party liability insurance (OSAGO).

What you need to carry

Documents figured out, but what else needs to carry each driver? Assuming the rules of the road, then you need a minimum of a first aid kit, fire extinguisher and warning triangle. But if to be guided not only by law but also common sense, this list looks much wider.

The tow rope should be, probably, in every car. Well, what it is used for, knows every driver. The most frequent problems on the road with the car are connected with the tires, so do not interfere with hand pump or electric compressor for inflating.

Jack is one of the most important items that should be in every trunk. Because without it, replace the punctured tire will be impossible. Well, to complete it is a few small plates that can be put under the Jack if the ground will be soft. Well, it is logical to always carry a spare tire or the Jack and other tools will be useless.

The car should be a minimal set of tools, among which we can mention balonik, a couple of screwdrivers, pliers, a set of keys. Well, to help out in way can such "trifles" as a spare generator belt, spare fuses, a set of spark plugs, small flashlight, charger for phone etc.

Having it all to yourself, you can not only avoid problems with the law, but also to deal with unforeseen situations that may arise on the road.