The procedure

For the procedure a neurologist (or a specially trained acupuncturist) is the introduction of metal needles depending on the localization of pain. If necessary a stronger impact on the pain centers can be used effect of low-frequency current. The location for needle insertion is selected in accordance with the special points on the body that are defined in the fundamental literature for the procedure.

Acupuncture is often used to treat pain syndromes. Sometimes acupuncture is used as an alternative for the treatment of chronic infectious, bacterial and respiratory diseases. With the help of this technique, you can also get rid of diseases of the eye. The procedure can also be useful for getting rid of alcoholism or nicotine addiction.


Acupuncture allows the patient to get rid of various pathologies that occur in the body. The method is effective in the treatment of almost all diseases and is often used both independently and as part of the basic medical treatment. A subsidiary role acupuncture can significantly reduce the duration of treatment of the disease and give the ability to recover faster.
Another benefit of the procedure is a small number of contraindications, all of which can be attributed to a serious pathology in need of immediate medical treatment.

Interest in acupuncture because it really helps the majority of patients and is effective in the treatment of various diseases. There were cases when the assigned acupuncture helped the patient cope with the disease, who could not correct methods of medical treatment.

Among other advantages it should be noted that the procedure does not cause toxicity and is virtually harmless to the body. Nevertheless, it is not necessary to abandon the classical medical treatment in favor of acupuncture.

Harm treatments

With the lack of skill of the doctor performing acupuncture, a procedure can cause irreparable harm. To therapy must be made by a specially trained technician. Inept acupuncturist can enter under the skin and into the bloodstream infection, which spread quickly through the body and will cause a sharp deterioration. Inept use of needles may cause damages to human tissues, and to the damage of blood vessels, nerve endings, which can also cause the development of undesirable consequences. High risk of Contracting hepatitis C or AIDS when there is insufficient sterile needle treatment or re-use.

You should also not expect that acupuncture will help get rid of all ailments. Despite the fact that carrying out acupuncture has been endorsed by the world Health Organization, it should be understood that the therapy can not completely cure any disease, especially without the use of additional drugs, selected by the attending physician.

Also, the procedure could not be performed in patients in severe stages of infectious diseases. It is impossible to carry out the procedure in case of violation of the functions of respiration, the kidneys, liver and correct the blood circulation. Also, do not use anesthesia with needles, if the real source of pain has not been installed.