Initially, techniques using acupuncture points on the face used for the treatment of facial paralysis. Since the results were striking and had a pronounced anti-aging effect, acupuncture has gradually entered the cosmetology for "adjustment" of age-related changes of the face. At the moment it is known that such method of rejuvenation refreshes the complexion, reduces wrinkles and rejuvenates it at all, at least for 10 years.

It is a mistake to assume that acupuncture is only a cosmetic procedure. In addition to facial rejuvenation the rejuvenation of the human body. This procedure, providing an enormous effect, not only locally, but also has an impact on the cause of the problem. During acupuncture is a whole complex of processes – blood flow, production of collagen and elastin, and lymphatic drainage. Tightening the skin, removing bags under the eyes and removes puffiness, acupuncture does not carry any harmful consequences that may arise as a result of various cosmetic procedures.

In recent years, developed techniques for breast augmentation, body contouring, rhinoplasty, correction of an oval face and other cosmetic body modifications through the use of centuries-old Eastern medicine practices.

No less popular in cosmetology and became Yumeiho therapy. This procedure is based on a classic Oriental massage. As with any therapy Oriental medicine Yumeiho therapy is based on the effects of massage on the active points of the body, stimulating the increase of skin elasticity, reduction of excess weight, getting rid of acne and improving overall body tone.

Oriental therapy massage provides more than a hundred methods of exposure on the skin, muscles and joints. The basis of Yumeiho therapy is a long standing theory, the essence of which lies in the fact that even the slightest shift of the pelvic bones to the left or right leads to a General imbalance of the body. This causes the abnormal state of the skeleton and internal organs, leading to loss of efficiency and the development of complex diseases. From this it follows that therapy massage focused on aligning pelvic joints and the return of the centre of gravity of the body to its place, which also normalizes blood circulation and lymph flow and helps to eliminate sagging skin.

Thus, it is possible to assert with confidence that at the moment before wanting to wipe out extra years and generally put your whole body in the desired state, is a difficult choice to seek the services of plastic surgeons or you can try the years, justified the practice of rejuvenation by Oriental medicine.