Most physicians believe that multiple sclerosis is a type of autoimmune diseases. That is, the human immune system due to a failure in the work begins to perceive as "enemies" are not pathogenic factors in the external environment and the body's own tissues. What can cause the emergence and the development of multiple sclerosis?

Why is there such a failure of the immune system

In some cases the reason for failure of the immune system is a genetic predisposition. Medical statistics show that it is much more likely to develop multiple sclerosis people whose parents themselves have suffered from this disease. However, this factor alone is not enough. The trigger for the development of the disease can be a number of reasons: viral illness (especially occurring in severe form), head trauma, excess of "hard" ultraviolet radiation, strong exposure to allergens, stress. There is information that the provoking factor in the development of diffuse atherosclerosis might also serve as an abundant consumption of meat dishes.

How can I prevent multiple sclerosis

The best way to reduce the probability of occurrence of this disease is proper care and prevention. That is, avoid situations where you can get a traumatic brain injury, nervous strain, and stress, to strengthen the immune system, to give up bad habits (because they reduce immunity). Beach lovers and bronze tan, you should use sunscreen and do not sunbathe in the hours when ultraviolet light is particularly "hard". Well, as staunch meat-eaters still remember about reasonable moderation. If at least from time to time be replaced in the diet favorite meat fish or poultry, it will only benefit the body.

Of course, to completely prevent the possibility of injury, stress or viral diseases is impossible, but minimizing it is quite real.

If to avoid the onset of the disease has failed, it is possible to mitigate its flow, to avoid exacerbations of the disease. To do this, use drugs – immunomodulators. These drugs can be used only on prescription! Dosage and frequency of administration depend on the severity of occurrence of multiple sclerosis and the patient's General condition.