You will need
    • • milk or water — 1 Cup
    • • yeast — 30 g
    • • flour — 4 to 4.5 cups
    • • egg - 2 PCs
    • • butter or oil or melted margarine — 1/3 tablespoons
    • • sugar — 0.5 cups for pies with sweet filling
    • 2 teaspoons – for pies with savoury fillings
    • • salt — 1/4 tsp
    • • any filling for pies to your liking.
For baking pies, use a dough prepared by straight dough method. It involves the simultaneous introduction of all ingredients into the dough. This method is faster and easier with a sponge dough method, which requires a lot of time and skill.
Mix yeast in warm milk (or water) to 35°C without the formation of lumps. Add the sugar. Whisk eggs with salt and enter into the milk with the yeast.
Gradually introduce into the mixture the flour and stir the batter, avoiding lumps. In the latest turn in the batter enter the melted margarine or butter. Knead the dough until then, until it is easy to lag behind the hands.
How to bake cakes
The dough is put in a deep dish, greased with vegetable oil, cover with a clean cotton towel and leave in a warm place.

While the dough rises, make filling.
How to bake cakes
Prepare a filling of your choice. If you love cabbage stuffing – put it out after her with onions and spices.

Ground beef should be either roasted or boiled meat scroll in a meat grinder, add browned onion and broth.
If you want to bake sweet pies, dough put normal sugar for sweet pies.
Filling in sweet pies, too, should be prepared: chopped apples can slightly saute in butter with cinnamon, if the filling is of dried fruits, they must pre-boil, grind in a meat grinder or in a food processor, add sugar and nuts as desired.
How to bake cakes
Back to the test. Coming up, the dough should increase in volume by 2 times. It should press down and let it sit a little until it again begins to rise.

The finished dough put cookware on a dry cutting Board, previously floured. Divide the dough into small pieces and formed into balls of them. Leave them to lie on the Board 10 minutes, you can cover them at this time cloth.
How to bake cakes
Then roll out with a rolling pin or fingers, flatten the balls into round flat cakes with a thickness of about 1cm. At the time of rolling not push hard on the rolling pin, this will help the dough to be soft and curvy.

In the middle of the circle put as many toppings to the edges of the dough easily connected. Connect zasypaete neatly in half and edge with no gaps. Give your pies an oval shape.
How to bake cakes
Prepared patties place them on a previously greased and dusted with flour a baking sheet seam side down on a distance of 2 cm from each other. Place baking sheet in a warm place for 15 minutes for proofing pies. Ready for baking pies rasstavleny should be rounded and slightly increase in volume.

Gently brush the pies with beaten egg and place in oven, preheated to 180 - 200°C for 15-20 minutes.
How to bake cakes
The lid of the oven can be opened only when the patties are well browned. Then we can check them for readiness. Pierce one of them with a match. If the match remains dry and it is not stuck to the dough, then your cakes are ready.

Enjoy the creation of his own hands and Bon appétit!