Properties of rosemary oil

The healing properties of rosemary oil are confirmed by its wide application in medicine. It has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, immunomodulating action.

In cosmetics rosemary oil is used for care of problem skin of the face and hands, and to restore, strengthen and grow hair.

Here are just some of the properties of this magnificent source of beauty:
- stimulation of hair growth;
- the renewal of skin cells;
- purification;
- an effective fight against hair loss and early baldness;
- food;
- eliminate dandruff;
- the healing of scars and wounds.

If you wish to have long, shining and healthy hair, that rosemary oil should become your best friend!

The most effective ways of using rosemary oil

The easiest way to use rosemary oil for improving hair growth - add a few drops of shampoo. It is worth noting, that some shampoos are oversaturated with various chemical ingredients. Therefore, the rosemary oil is not always able to cope with their aggressive action and neutralize it. This greatly deteriorates the action of the oil on the hair follicles.

Works great massage with rosemary oil. For it you need in a water bath to heat up any essential oil - olive, castor, burdock, almond. Attention! Use a glass container, in any case you cannot mix fat and essential oil in a plastic bowl. Next, add in a bowl with a base of 6-8 drops of rosemary essential oil and mix the resulting blend with a wooden or glass rod. Now you need to dial with your fingers a little oil mixture and separating the hair into partings, neat massage movements to RUB the oil into the scalp. To strengthen the effect of massage, at the end of the procedure, you can tuck your hair in a shower cap and warm your head with a towel. After 1 hour, rinse the oil with hair mask with shampoo.

In order to get rid of dandruff, nourish and strengthen hair follicles, you'll need a few drops of rosemary oil, 15 drops of olive oil and 4 drops of tea tree oil. This mixture should be stored in a cool, dark place in glass vial. Before using a healing mixture should be warmed in a water bath and apply on hair roots, insulate them with towels as described above.

These 2 simple procedures must be done regularly because the effect of rosemary oil has a cumulative result.