Advice 1: rosemary: how to use it

Rosemary – evergreen shrub. Wild rosemary in our country is not found, however, that the representative of the Kingdom of flora has become popular among our citizens due to the fact that its leaves, flowers and upper parts of the shoots contains useful essential oil. In Central Russia, the rosemary began to breed in gardens in boxes or barrels, with frosts shifting in the room. Rosemary is used in perfume-cosmetic industry, food and medicine.
rosemary: how to use it
You will need
  • Leaves, flowers, young shoots of rosemary (fresh or dried)
Rosemary has a strong sweet smell similar to pine, and tangy spicy taste. The leaves, flowers and young shoots of the plant in fresh or dried form is used for bakery and distillery enterprises to obtain the original taste and flavour of the ingredients. Rosemary enhances the flavor of soft cheeses, pastry and potatoes. Also the above mentioned plant parts are used as spices for fish processing. In addition, a small number of them added to vegetable soups, salads, marinades and meat.
Rosemary comes to mushrooms, red and green cabbage, grilled meats (including venison) and poultry. It is important for the correct preparation of the famous Georgian dish, satsivi" (boiled chicken with spices and nuts in spicy sauce). Rosemary promotes healthy secretion of gastric juice, improves digestion.
According to medical studies, the aqueous extract of rosemary increases blood pressure, relieves stress and nervous tension, strengthens the contraction of the heart, has choleretic and tonic effect. Mixed with lavender rosemary infusion is useful in post-stroke period, as it improves eyesight, memory and cerebral blood flow. With the help of rosemary to deal with organisms such as Escherichia coli, yeasts, staphylococci, and streptococci. Rosemary helps with colds: volatile substances contained in the essential oil of this shrub, kill 80% of germs in the room air.
Rosemary acts as a pain medicine for stomach cramps and heart disease. The leaves and shoots of rosemary as an astringent and tonic drug connoisseurs of folk medicine recommended to take inside with amenorrhea, impotence, and neurological disorders in menopause. Externally this plant is used as a wound healing remedy.

Advice 2 : How to store rosemary

Rosemary - the almost universal aromatic herb. It is appropriate in a variety of dishes - fish, egg, vegetable. Rosemary organically "sounds" in desserts, in sauces, fillings, but especially beautiful in combination with meat. As a rule, store packaging contains much more useful this seasoning than you need for one or two times. This is not a problem if you know how to keep the rosemary fresh.
How to store rosemary
Dry the rosemary with a paper towel. Cut the ends of the stems. Fill the beaker or other convenient container 2-3 inches of fresh clean cold water, and put the grass like a bouquet in a vase. Take a plastic bag and put it on top of the spices. Put in the refrigerator. Every few days change the water in the tank for fresh, clean rosemary needles from moisture with paper towel.
Lightly wet a paper towel and wrap him in a bundle of rosemary. Put the spice in a plastic bag. The package does not cover. Remove the rosemary in the refrigerator. Don't forget every two to three days to change the towel on fresh.
If you want to save a large amount of rosemary, freeze it. To do this, take off the stems, only the leaves and place them on the Board. The Board put in the freezer for a few hours. Frozen rosemary will put it in zip bags and store in the freezer. Use frozen rosemary in dishes where appearance spices doesn't matter, as after freezing, the grass will definitely lose in decoration.
Chop the rosemary needles and mix with olive or butter. Pour or spread flavored oil in plastic containers for freezing ice. Send containers in the freezer. Use these cubes in meat, fish, vegetable dishes, soups and sauces.
Rosemary is very easy to dry. Enough to hang the bundle in a warm dry place for a few days and dried herb finish. Put the dry twigs in a plastic bag and RUB it between your palms – leaves of themselves fall off from the stem. Remove the stems and put the dried rosemary in a convenient container with a sealing lid.
A lovely way to store rosemary – flavored salt. Remove the rosemary needles from the stem, mix with sea salt and place in a blender. One bunch of 8-10 stems take about 100 grams of salt. Turn off the blender when the salt turns green. Lay on a baking sheet baking paper and sprinkle on it salt a thin, even layer. Preheat the oven to 110 ° C. Dry salt in oven to dry, about 10-15 minutes. Lay on the banks with pritertymi lids and store in a dry, dark place. This salt is the ideal seasoning for salads, also it is good to sprinkle savory pastries.
The fresher the rosemary, the longer it will be stored. Elastic fresh rosemary, leaves it soft and stretchy, they stick to the stem. From the fresh grass leaves with a slight blue tint.
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