The design of the environment as the specialty

The human environment, items, buildings, objects that surround him, have a complex effect on his attitude, mood and mind. Already since the middle of last century it became clear that the objects of architecture and industrial design have become an integral part of the human environment, providing it with the complex the most comfortable space for life. Today especially high interest in environmental problems, since most of Russia's population lives in urban areas.

There is a need of implementation in practice design and education synthetic notion of "design and architecture". Architecture schools, in accordance with the realities of today, began training students in the new specialty "design of architectural environment". In architectural education was introduced by the design elements and psychology that allows you to create in accordance with the laws of the natural world. These professionals are engaged in complex development of the living environment of citizens and the problems associated with the provision of comfortable human existence in the city.
To 270300 specialty "Design of architectural environment" at many universities, including: St. Petersburg state architectural-construction University and the Moscow architectural Institute.

The training program, in addition to architecture and design design foundations design drawing, composition and color, includes psychological foundations of creativity, psychology and perception of colour, psychology of business communication materials. Of course, students study computer graphics and basic software applications: Adobe Photoshop, 3D Max, ArchiCAD.
Specialty "Design of architectural environment" is included in the nomenclature of higher school graduates in 1987.

Where designers work on architectural environment

Specialists with the qualification "architect-designer" with the culture of design in the context of the environment in demand in major architectural and design organizations. But they are particularly popular among private customers who want to organize their living space and build a pavilion, cafe or residential house based on the aesthetic, ergonomic requirements, and stylistic trends, rules and regulations.

With this approach, the building manages to create a unique architectural objects naturally fit into the urban or suburban landscape, interiors and design which are in harmony with the environment objects outside.