Tiramisu – classic Italian dessert, which combines delicate cream and light coffee flavors. Translated Tiramisu means "lift me up" from "tirare"- "to raise", mi - "my" and su - up. And it is the absolute truth – tiramisu is always uplifting.

Difficulty level - very easy (1 star)

All the cooking takes 40 minutes.

You will need the following products:

- 500 grams mascarpone cheese (this is the key ingredient, sold in many supermarkets);

package of Savoiardi cookies - it is elongated crunchy biscuits, it is also called "lady fingers" because of its elongated shape, you can buy them in supermarkets;

- 4 small cups of thick strong coffee (chilled)

- 4 tablespoons of sugar;

- 1 pinch of salt;

- 5 eggs;

- 2 tablespoons of bitter cocoa powder.


Proteins separated from the yolks.

Mix mascarpone (with a mixer but not a blender) with the egg yolks and 2 tablespoons of sugar.

In a separate bowl, whisk into a thick white foam with a pinch of salt and 2 tablespoons of sugar. Added to the mass with mascarpone.

Take a large oblong glass dish or several smaller containers for individual portions, you put one layer of biscuits soaked in cold strong coffee.

Important!!! Biscuits to moisten it, fast dipping (literally a fraction of a second) in my coffee, so not much softened. Layer cookies, moist coffee/ distribute half of the cream with mascarpone, then another layer of cookies (soaked in coffee) and again cream.

The top layer of cream sprinkle with cocoa powder. You can make a stencil and decorate the top layer pattern of the cocoa powder.

All this miracle put in the fridge for 3-4 hours (the cookie should have a good soak, even overnight.