How to make the schedule

Make a table: there should be as many rows as the medications you are prescribed. The number of columns must match the duration of the longest course. In the first column write down the name of the drug, in each cell of the table opposite to the name tag, each taking the pill during the day. For convenience, you can split each cell into three parts: morning, afternoon, evening. Please mark next to the name of the medication, how many times a day it should take, do not forget to specify the dosage and number of tablets or volume of liquid formulations.

Indicate in the chart what drugs can not, for example, drink fruit juices or milk, and which is contraindicated to take at the same time – this information can be found in the instructions to the tablets or ask your doctor.

A more detailed diagram can be given with drug interaction and dependence of their admission to the time of the meal and its composition. Analyze their own diet – might have to adjust a little to drink prescribed medication after equal intervals of time. Next to each meal (Breakfast, lunch, dinner) write the names of the medications and the time you want them to take – before meals, during or after.

Most tablets do not drink caffeinated drinks. If you are prescribed sorbents (coal tablets, POLYSORB, enterosgel), should be taken separately from other drugs together with toxins none of the active ingredients of drugs.

The main thing – not to forget anything

If you do not hope for the memory, one or more timers on a mobile phone – they will remind you of a time when you need to drink a regular tablet.

The schedule of reception of tablets it is best to make several copies – one to hang in a prominent place, the other carry, if you lead an active way of life while undergoing therapy. Be sure to take your schedule with you, going to another doctor if need be amend, assign or cancel any product, you can do it immediately.

If you continue to work or study, get a special pill box – it can be purchased at a pharmacy, sporting goods stores or medical equipment and accessories. There are pill boxes divided into cells - they can just put the required number of tablets, calculated for several techniques. If you cannot find this, carry your medicines with you in small containers of children's chocolate eggs with a surprise in each container you can put a note, which will indicate which medicine to take.