Chemical substances contained in the drinks react with the pills. Chemical interaction can neutralize the effect of a drug and lead to unwanted health effects.


Milk decreases the effectiveness of certain medications. This healthy beverage is absolutely not combine with antibiotics that are made on the basis of tetracycline ("Tetracycline", "Oletetrin" etc.). With the intake of milk these drugs form a strong chemical compounds that do not possess a therapeutic effect, and pass through the digestive tract without being absorbed. Thus, up to 80% of the drug can just get out of the body without exerting a certain effect on the human condition.

Milk neutralizes potassium and antacids – drugs that are used to improve the activities of the digestive system. Milk hard sucked in "Lincomycin", "Pancreatin" and "Bisacodyl" – drugs that are acid-fast shell for absorption in the digestive tract.

It is worth noting that despite the inadmissibility of the simultaneous reception of the listed preparations of milk in the diet of the patient should include dairy products (e.g. yogurt), which have positive influence on the digestive system and can keep the gut from damage caused by some medications (e.g., antibiotics).

Alcoholic beverages

Medication brand not be combined with alcoholic beverages. Alcohol-containing substances can enhance the effects of drugs that can cause serious side effects and even lead to complications. Joint use of alcohol, aspirin causes stomach ulcers. If you take alcohol with drugs that reduce blood sugar, you not only increase the influence of the drug – simultaneous treatment with can cause a sudden increase in pressure.
It is worth noting that a headache can occur even after taking vasoconstrictor drop into the nose and small portions of alcohol.

Alcohol increases the sedating effect of psychotropic drugs. Alcohol reduces the effectiveness of antibiotics and increases the load on the liver, which when medication is increased, and therefore you should stop the consumption of such beverages at the time of treatment

Other drinks

Alkaline mineral water has a positive impact on the effectiveness of antibiotics, prolonging their effect and facilitating their subsequent removal from the body. However, it is not necessary to wash down medicines fizzy sweet drinks as they irritate the stomach and contain calcium and iron, which reduce the effectiveness of drugs.
Also incompatible with drugs of grapefruit and orange juices, which enhance the effects of drugs and possible side effects.

From taking oral contraceptives coffee or tea should also refrain – these drinks significantly reduce the efficacy of these drugs. Also do not drink tea preparations, the action of which is based on iron, the codeine, or eufillina.