You will need
  • Wooden skewers, medium size apples, sugar, lemon juice, vanilla, deep pan.
Pour the sugar directly into the pot, add a little lemon juice, put on medium heat and stir. Not be amiss to add in sugar a bit of vanilla to taste. If you want, you can add the dye. The traditional color of the caramel apples – red, but you can choose any other color.
Apples should be washed thoroughly and wipe with a dry cloth. In order to achieve perfect smoothness, you need to make sure that the fruits have no fat and small particles.
Continue to mix the sugar until, until it begins to melt and turn into syrup. After that, you will need to act fairly quickly because the sugar hardens quickly.
Clean and dry the apples, put on skewers and a whole put in a pot. So the caramel evenly coated the Apple, twist it around its axis. Naked places can be watered from the top with a spoon.
Once you get the apples from the pan, you can roll them in crushed hazelnuts, sprinkle colored drops or dip in melted chocolate. Then apples can be put to cool. The pan should immediately be washed under running hot water.