Not all are blessed with white straight teeth. Sometimes this fact becomes a cause of inferiority complex and lack of implementation person. Misaligned teeth - a consequence of mechanical damage, birth defects, or heredity.
Modern dentistry has leaped forward. Now it is possible to correct curvature of the teeth thanks to new technologies and developments.
Braces vary according to the type of material, manner of wearing, the principle of alignment.


The most popular way to remove the curvature of the teeth is to use braces. They are a plate and a system of locks, which help to adjust the location of the dentition. Orthodontics offers a wide choice of devices for the alignment of the teeth. The cost of each model will depend on the material, the level of the clinic, type of design, length of treatment, cost of installation. Braces can be worn by adults, teenagers and preschoolers.

Types of braces and their costs

Metal braces are the most common. They perfectly perform their function, are much cheaper than analogues. But that's the look when wearing a metal plate is not the most attractive. The cost of braces is about 20 thousand rubles.
The price brackets for alignment will emerge from the condition of the teeth at the time of treatment.

There are plastic braces. They are not as durable, they require proper attention and care. They need to be cleaned often, as the plastic is painted periodically. You can choose the color of the braces under the color of the enamel to make it not so noticeable. The cost of the plastic brackets a little different from the cost of the metal and is 30 thousand rubles.

It is possible to give preference to ceramic brackets. They are stronger than plastic, matched to the color of the enamel, comfortable when wearing. Braces are placed not only on the outside but on the inside. On request they can be removed and worn only a few hours a day. Sapphire braces are the most expensive. They are made of transparent and durable sapphire. They are almost not noticeable in the alignment of the teeth with the outer surface. If you want to hide the fact of wearing braces, you should pay attention on the sapphire. The cost of sapphire brackets starts from 40 thousand rubles.

The desired result the person will receive regardless of the material of the brackets. Material only defines the aesthetic side of the teeth alignment process. To correct the bite, the curvature at any age. But the sooner you do, the better. Many aggressive external factors affect the teeth every day, so they need proper care.