Advice 1: Harmful if a cold shower after a workout?

After a grueling workout can't wait to take water treatments. They relieve the unpleasant odor and also relax and tone the tired muscles. What is the water temperature most preferred in this case?
Harmful if a cold shower after a workout?

About cold shower

A cold shower is capable to cheer up after a good workout and to fill the athlete with a boost of energy. For a person trained and possessing good health, such a procedure is safe. Hardened vessels, decreasing rapidly under the influence of cold, thereby accelerating the flow of blood. The body is promptly saturated with oxygen, but a man, come a sense of vitality and freshness. This is due to the production of glutathione, which is a powerful antioxidant. Another positive point from taking a cold shower is associated with the fact that he felt less pain and tension from stress tired muscles. In the end, the athlete does not experience discomfort after exercising.

In the case when the person is not prepared and not tempered, the tone of the vessels weak enough. Then under the cold shower they do not have time to shrink at the right time and, conversely, relax. A person begins to feel sleepy. And instead of the expected tidal forces, it receives completely the opposite effect.
Ideal after a sports activity — the alternation of warm and cold water. Contrast shower should be taken for 7-10 minutes.

How to take a cold shower

The person who has just begun to attend the gym, it is necessary to observe a measure in everything: in the loads and duration of classes. Do not immediately after training to stand under a cold shower. Relax for 10-15 minutes, restoring the calm rhythm of breathing and heartbeat. The water temperature in the shower first, should not be below 38 degrees. Some stood under the cool water, make it a little colder.

To accustom the body to the cold gradually, each time slightly lowering the temperature of water. The perfect time of year to start hardening after sports loads — summer.
Taking a cold shower, not soak your head to avoid colds or even meningitis.

Who should not use cold shower

A number of diseases such as thrombosis, cancer or hypertension are a strict contraindication to taking a cold shower, but in this case, the shower can be replaced relaxing bath. If there are diseases of the heart: arrhythmia, heart defect, required preliminary consultation of the doctor. In other cases, if the procedure does not cause discomfort, but rather gives positive emotions, cold shower after exercise useful for health and Wellness.

Advice 2: How to fix the breast after childbirth

Many women saw their Breasts after the birth of a child, become discouraged. Forms, which you can be proud of, are not the same, the skin is saggy and covered in stretch marks... But do not despair. If you want this part of the body was the admiration of men and envy from friends, you need to work on. Although quickly bring the chest in order and will fail, your persistence and consistency will be rewarded.
How to fix the breast after childbirth
As a breast feeding period of a child larger and heavier from the first days after birth don't forget to watch your posture: don't shebites in three deaths, when sitting, and straighten the shoulders when walking.
Take care of comfortable nursing bra. He should have a good shape, wide straps and a good size. Wear it should still in the hospital before the milk arrives, and as long as you feed your baby breastYu. When you take off the bra, put on and wear elastic underwear that is also good support for the chest.
If you have a lot of milk and have to pump, grant that the modern breast pump. When manually pumping the breast loses its shape faster.
While feeding, try to put the baby to each breast evenly, in turn, to the amount of milk produced was the same.
Even if during pregnancy you had breast stretch marks, prevention is better six months to use special creams or gels to improve the breast shape and elasticity of the skin. Pre-study of their composition and make sure that they are not harmful to the baby.
To restore the elasticity of the breast skin or use masks that contain cucumber juice, eggs, honey or clay. Most use scrubs and tough sponges (brushes), spend a light massage by rubbing and patting. It stimulates blood flow and good circulation in the breast area.
The elasticity of the skin contribute to excessive drinking (if no contraindications) and vitamins. Limit your salt intake and try to drink a day at least 2 liters of fluid. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables rich in fiber.
After about a couple of months after birth can begin to exercise that will help to improve breast shape. If you have had a caesarean section, the beginning of such training will have to reschedule for a later date and only after permission of doctors.
A simple but effective exercise – regular push-UPS. From a position lying on the stomach exercise from the floor, bent at the elbows. Try not to bend the back should be straight. Start this exercise with low repetitions and then gradually increase the load.
Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, elbows open to the sides, and palms together in front of you and squeeze them for 20 seconds with a maximum voltage. Then relax and again repeat this exercise. It can be done several times a day.
Lie on your back holding a dumbbell in front of him. Raise and join hands with dumbbells at least 10 times.
To improve the shape of breast is also very useful for swimming on the back and a contrast shower.

Advice 3: How to boost immunity after birth

Often immune women after childbirth is reduced. This is due, primarily, with a special diet, lack of vitamins, excessive fatigue and other factors. Bring your body back in order and to improve the immune system can be simple and effective ways.
How to boost immunity after birth
You will need
  • - balanced diet;
  • - proper hardening of the body;
  • - timely rest.
A very important factor for the immune system is intake of vitamins. Pick the most suitable consultation with a specialist. Its composition must include vitamin D, vitamin C, B5, A, PP, F.
Enter in your diet more vegetables (pumpkin, carrots, zucchini, squash, etc.) that will not negatively influence breastfeeding. These foods contain beta-carotene, which is converted to vitamin a, responsible for the strength of the immune response.
Eat cabbage (acid), parsley, sea buckthorn, wild rose, black currant, lemon. Thus, you make up the deficiency of vitamin C, which is a guarantee for the production of immune cells.
To fill in the body of vitamin group To enter in your diet legumes, grains, cheese, nuts and seeds. In addition, these products are fortified with iodine, iron, calcium, magnesium and other minerals.
Remember: after the birth to boost the immune system your diet should be correct and complete. Do not exclude from their diets dairy products, seafood, berries, vegetables and fruits, cereals and meat.
A natural way to raise immunity is lemongrass, Siberian ginseng, licorice, ginseng, and Echinacea. Infusions of these herbs to take as a preventive measure only after consultation with a specialist.
Enjoy a hardening of the body. For these purposes, great the contrast shower, douche, and swimming. Alternating low and high temperatures – a great workout for the immune system. After the shower, RUB the body hard with a towel or wet washcloth.
Do not forget about the rest. Let your body relax. Thus, you will remove the accumulated during the day, fatigue, and not let stress win immunity.
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