About cold shower

A cold shower is capable to cheer up after a good workout and to fill the athlete with a boost of energy. For a person trained and possessing good health, such a procedure is safe. Hardened vessels, decreasing rapidly under the influence of cold, thereby accelerating the flow of blood. The body is promptly saturated with oxygen, but a man, come a sense of vitality and freshness. This is due to the production of glutathione, which is a powerful antioxidant. Another positive point from taking a cold shower is associated with the fact that he felt less pain and tension from stress tired muscles. In the end, the athlete does not experience discomfort after exercising.

In the case when the person is not prepared and not tempered, the tone of the vessels weak enough. Then under the cold shower they do not have time to shrink at the right time and, conversely, relax. A person begins to feel sleepy. And instead of the expected tidal forces, it receives completely the opposite effect.
Ideal after a sports activity — the alternation of warm and cold water. Contrast shower should be taken for 7-10 minutes.

How to take a cold shower

The person who has just begun to attend the gym, it is necessary to observe a measure in everything: in the loads and duration of classes. Do not immediately after training to stand under a cold shower. Relax for 10-15 minutes, restoring the calm rhythm of breathing and heartbeat. The water temperature in the shower first, should not be below 38 degrees. Some stood under the cool water, make it a little colder.

To accustom the body to the cold gradually, each time slightly lowering the temperature of water. The perfect time of year to start hardening after sports loads — summer.
Taking a cold shower, not soak your head to avoid colds or even meningitis.

Who should not use cold shower

A number of diseases such as thrombosis, cancer or hypertension are a strict contraindication to taking a cold shower, but in this case, the shower can be replaced relaxing bath. If there are diseases of the heart: arrhythmia, heart defect, required preliminary consultation of the doctor. In other cases, if the procedure does not cause discomfort, but rather gives positive emotions, cold shower after exercise useful for health and Wellness.