Trainers and coaches often forbid his players to drink fluids immediately after training, as the water is rapidly absorbed into the blood, thereby increasing its volume, and, consequently, complicating the work of the already loaded hearts. Another reason for the refusal water and any other fluids after the physical activity is the fact that during locomotor activity, the emphasis of the General activities of the whole organism is transferred to muscles. The kidneys and the digestive system (stomach) are in "sleep mode". Drinking a glass of water, you will force them to work hard, which will affect overall health and slow recovery after workouts.If the person is active in sports and drinking water, the kidneys begin to function at maximum capacity, and there is a delay of water in the body. This helps to reduce the level of sodium, which is essential for the normal functioning of internal organs. Aware of cases where marathon runners, drunk immediately after the race 2-3 liters of water, were hospitalized with acute renal failure.In no case should not drink cold or icy water during trainingand also after several hours after them. Remember the anatomy of internal organs: the stomach is located directly under the heart. Falls into a cold water contributes to the reflex narrowing of the heart vessels, violating coronary circulation and slowing the supply of nutrients to the heart muscle. This can lead to serious diseases of the cardiovascular system. Also, the probability to be ill with quinsy, because under the condition of reduced immunity drinking cold water in hot after a workout condition that can lead to inflammation of the upper respiratory tract and sometimes the lower (pneumonia).