You will need
  • - engine oil;
  • a syringe;
  • pencil;
  • lubricant WD-40
  • - chisel or hammer
Machine or vegetable oil

One of the most popular types of grease for door hinges is engine oil. Take the syringe and draw in it a lubricant. Gently, drop by drop, squeeze the oil on the door hinges. To the engine oil gets into the mechanism, it is necessary to repeatedly close and open the door.

Similarly, you can use vegetable oil, but the effect of its application will be very short.
Pencil stylus

If you have at hand was not engine oil, then to eliminate the door creaking can use an ordinary pencil with a soft lead. Remove the stylus. Slightly lift the door and place small pieces of the rod in the openings. When lowering the door the lead crumble. Several times open and close the door. Crystals of graphite will break down and will slide on each other. As a result, your door will stop squeaking.
Universal lubricant

If the above methods do not fix the squeak, you'll have to do a deep cleaning. It is recommended to use a universal lubricant WD-40. This tool was very popular and sold in almost any hardware and auto shop. Sold it in a variety of containers of different sizes, but for the lubrication of door hinges it is recommended to use the spray can. To set this type of packaging includes a special nozzle that allows you to produce lubrication even in tight spaces.

Put the sprayer on the spray. Lift the flap of the door. To do this, open the door and place it into the slit between the sash and the floor a chisel or the handle of a hammer. Pull the door handle itself. Thoroughly lubricate the exposed stud door hinges, "psycow" several times from the spray.