Plants for the production of dairy products in Belarus was built in the Soviet times. On the one hand, this is a plus in the eyes of consumers, in the USSR because it was done on the conscience. On the other hand, most industries have not been modernized for over 20 years, modern equipment, computers, there is no great importance in the quality of the products is the human factor.

At the same time, the use Gostovskaya technology, the use of high quality raw materials, state support of manufacturers of such items always provided a wide popularity and an increased demand for dairy products manufactured in Belarus from buyers.
Products of Belarusian dairy companies now exported to many countries. In particular, in the CIS States, EU, and Arab Emirates.

The most popular dairy products from Belarus

Consumers appreciated the quality and taste of the products. Especially Russians liked condensed milk Rogachev milk canning plant, which is not surprising. The composition of this product is the same as they were a few decades ago, without the introduction of now widely used by Russian manufacturers of additives to reduce cost. No less loved by domestic consumers cottage cheese, sold under the brand "Savushkin product". Almost all dairy products from Belarus can store a very small amount of time, indicating its naturalness and lack of preservatives.
The advantage of Belarusian products is reasonable price with high quality.

Quality monitoring of dairy products of the Belarusian plants

In Belarus there is a whole Association of researchers, who test dairy products for the presence of inconsistencies, and violations. Due to the thorough inspections weeded out products with a high content of bacteria and fat. Annually the popular vote, in samples of dairy products people's jury determined the winners, and all brands necessarily classified.

On the top of popularity among the folk are the buyers of such Belarusian producers of dairy products, such as "Savushkin product", "Brest-Litovsk", "birch" and "Babushkina Krynka". The national jury gives preference to products "Savushkin product", these items according to the people are of the highest quality that plays a pivotal role, as well as affordable - for many it is a major factor when choosing dairy products on the shelves of the store.

The milk war between Russia and Belarus

The year 2009 was marked for the Belarusian producers of dairy products a serious scandal. Rospotrebnadzor banned the import into the Russian Federation more than 500 kinds of commodities from Belarus. The reason for this was the non-observance by the producers of the new regulations concerning product packaging and information that needs to be specified. The transition period, which allowed this drawback is over, all Russian manufacturers have complied with the requirements of the main Supervisory organization of the country, the Belarusian simply ignored. The question of the resumption of supplies was solved a long period of time at the highest political level.