You will need
  • - disposable sterile gloves;
  • - 70% alcohol;
  • Wat.
Wash your hands with soap and water. Dry them. Wear disposable sterile gloves.
Prepare solution for subcutaneous administration.
3 dampen a cotton ball with a solution of 70% alcohol. Treat consistently the two balls, the skin of the outer surface of the shoulder. The first ball is a large area, the second – less. The third ball is placed under the bent little finger of the left hand (for left right).
Take the free hand a syringe. Place your fingers as follows: the 5th finger is on the plunger of the syringe, 3rd and 4th hold the syringe bottom, the 2nd is on the needle cannula (plastic parts, worn on the syringe itself), the 1st cylinder is on the top.
With his arm trapped under little finger with a cotton ball collect the skin of the middle third of the shoulder in the crease. It should take the form of a triangle, facing the base down.
Position the needle at a 45° angle to the skin of the shoulder. Insert the needle into the base of the fold, without changing direction, 2/3 of the length (1-2 mm).
Move the hand gripping the skin, the plunger of the syringe. By pressing the plunger, inject the medication.
Remove the needle from the skin. Cover the injection site with a cotton ball located under the little finger.
To determine where intramuscular injections have the patient strip to the waist. Bend his arm at the elbow joint. Palpate on the back of the spatula, then its connection with the clavicle in the shoulder joint area. The junction of the scapula with the clavicle is the base of the triangle, the vertex of which is located in the center of the outer surface of the shoulder. The place of administration of medication will be on 2-2,5 cm below the base of the triangle.
Same as for subcutaneous injection, wash your hands, wear gloves, prepare the solution for administration and treat the place of injection.
Hold the syringe as follows: 2nd finger on the piston, 1st, 3rd, 4th on the cylinder, and the 5th holds the cannula.
With your free hand stretch the skin at the injection site. Insert the needle at a right angle to 2/3 length. The hand holding the skin, move the plunger and inject the medication.
Remove the needle. Against the skin with a cotton ball.