Multifollicular the ovaries — changing the structure of the ovaries in which there is maturation of the follicles is not 4-7, and 8-10 or more. This condition usually occurs after puberty girls. This version of the rules and for women who for a long time taking hormonal contraceptives.
Don't panic if the doctor first gave you this diagnosis. Multifollicular the ovaries can be a normal variant in certain days of the menstrual cycle and do not require any treatment.
Be sure to tell your doctor if you have frequent malfunctions of the cycle. If the syndrome is accompanied by multifollicular ovarian anovulatory cycles (cycles without ovulation), treatment is necessary. This is especially important for women who are planning a baby.
Perform all necessary research to determine your hormonal levels, if breaking the loop occur frequently. Lack of luteinizing hormone are sometimes treated as the initial stage of polycystic ovaries.
Follow the prescription. Gynecologists usually prescribe a specific course of treatment with hormonal drugs to stimulate ovulation, for example, Clostilbegyt scheme. Sometimes doctors prescribe hormones that contain progesterone: cough medicine, antiseptic. Women who do not want to get pregnant, prescribe hormonal contraceptives, suitable for the composition. To self-medicate in this case can be dangerous!
Watch your weight and exercise stress. Sometimes the hormonal imbalance in the body can be connected with rapid weight loss or a set.
Refuse hormonal contraception unless a doctor advises you to stop taking the pills. Use other methods of contraception that do not affect the hormonal balance.
Continue to be observed at the gynecologist, and from time to time to undergo examinations by ultrasound, even if hormones are normal and the diagnosis of polycystic ovaries was not confirmed. The doctor needs to see the dynamics of the process.
If ovulation take place regularly, as you have no cause for concern. Most women have ovarian syndrome multifollicular does not prevent pregnancy and does not affect the baby's health during pregnancy.