For the edification of the culinary gourmets

If you returned home with a full basket of freshly picked or even bought mushrooms, are unlikely to resist the temptation to arrange a food tasting. You are free to choose any recipes that only have enough imagination, but we should not forget about caution. One has only to refer to the treatment of mushrooms casually as they can out of Goodies to turn into a potential source of health hazard.

There are different opinions as to whether one should expose the mushrooms to heat treatment. Many ignore this unspoken rule, it's so nice to enjoy their natural taste and aroma. Despite the fact that most Housewives use for cooking the mushrooms raw or exclusively roasted, to risk their lives should not be.

Is it really necessary to abandon the most delicious of dishes for the proverbial safe? Of course, this is not required, just must not forget about basic care. First of all, clean the mushrooms of dirt, moss and earth; wash them well in water, if necessary, allow to soak for several hours; boil the mushrooms, in this case, wait until the water is boiling, then drain it. This is a necessary measure to protect the body from toxins. The second time boil the mushrooms until ready, identifying the right moment at the time of their sedimentation at the bottom of the pan. Only after these steps are recommended to proceed to the subsequent cooking of mushrooms.

The time required for fusion is different for different species of fungi. On average, it takes from fifteen minutes to an hour. The boletus is required about fifty minutes, ceps and chanterelles, enough for twenty, and the mushrooms will fit in a five-minute period. The longest heat treatment should be subjected to the most dubious mushrooms for human consumption origin. So, almost immediately ready to eat are those same mushrooms and chanterelles; the pig and the morels should be boiled for a longer period - at least an hour.

"Quiet hunting"

In the presence of the slightest doubt whether the mushroom is edible, it is better to abandon its use. For example, the mushroom will not save no heat treatment, and a pale toadstool, it is sufficient to be fatal. Involuntary risks are mushrooms, visually similar to their edible counterparts. Gall fungus can be easily confused with the white, and about mushrooms to take for real. At least recklessly is the solution to sample diseased, rotten or spoiled mushrooms, as well as those that grow near roads, railway tracks and industrial buildings.

Mushroom poisoning causes one of the most severe forms of intoxication requiring medical surveillance and many more unpleasant procedures, such as gastric lavage. That is why protect yourself from the temptation to eat the first counter-gifts of nature.