In the 70-80-ies, a large number of groups studying and developing a new direction in music is hard rock. This style of music appeared with the advent of such a popular group like the Beatles – those four British marked the beginning of rock music, heavy metal and other modern styles of heavy music.

The best of the group at that time

Making a list of the best rock bands of the 70-ies, it is difficult to make a choice in favor of either team. The reason is simple – almost all of the time was in his own novel, unique, interesting and attractive in terms of performance and writing music. Group Deep Purple, The Doors, The Rolling Stones, Nazareth, Motley Crue, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd take a leading position in the list of best rock bands of the 70-80-ies. About the features of each group should talk separately.

Famous singers

Often, the group becomes known for its magnificent voice of the singer and his charm. It is to such groups should include The Doors and Led Zeppelin. The combination of Blues inflections and aggressive hard vocals made these two memorable and recognizable of the hundreds of other teams. It's safe to say that after listening to a couple songs of these groups, you will be able to learn their other records.

It is also worth noting that most of the songs by led Zeppelin and Jim Morrison have become real hits. This popularity was achieved through applications of different effects of power tools (mainly musicians who created them ourselves, because at that time it was not a good instrument, capable of synthesizing sound and catchy motifs and guitar riffs. As example is the song "Stairway to heaven" of Led Zeppelin or the song "The end" by the Doors.

Brilliant guitarists

Among the groups that have played talented guitarists, you should list the band AC/DC with Angus young, Led Zeppelin with Jimmy page and Deep Purple with Ritchie Blackmore. To this day many aspiring guitarists from all over the world try to imitate these famous musicians.

There were also groups that are famous for their spectacular performances. Undoubtedly, the first place among these teams could give the band Pink Floyd and its famous song Another brick in the wall.


In conclusion, I would like to say that hard to make a list of the best groups of 70-80 years would be wrong and even blasphemous, since it is impossible to choose the best of the most popular, talented and respected teams. It will be much better to make the classification of groups of that time such as the complexity and the beauty of her singing, playing technique for musical instruments, and the vitality of the lyrics.