You will need
  • - dry shampoo;
  • - lemon juice;
  • - essential oils of citrus;
  • - a decoction of wormwood or nettle;
  • - egg.
Take your time and pick a shampoo that really suits you. It is likely that the tool that you had to wash your hair every day, not designed for your type of hair but other shampoo you will only need washing every three to four days.
If you have the opportunity to sit for a few days at home (e.g. you're on vacation or on sick leave), just don't wash your hair. Tolerate at least three days after walking with oily roots. If you show resistance and repeat this procedure several times, the natural protective structure of the hair will recover and wash them will be less.
Pay attention to the composition of your shampoo. If the ingredients are the silicones, it is better change the brand. These substances aggravate the hair, and the head looks dirty.
If you don't have time for daily hair washing, use dry shampoos. Enough of them spray on the hair and then shake the roots will look fresh, and the hair is voluminous, as if you just took a shower.
Wash hair not hot, but warm water. When rinsing would be good to add water to the lemon juice. Also get in the habit in the evening to comb hair – this will distribute the grease throughout the length of the hair and protect their delicate tips.
Get rid of the habit of constantly mess hair, pull hair, fix her hair with her hands. The more you touch the hair, the faster they deteriorate.
Add to your shampoo a few drops of essential oil of lemon or grapefruit. This tool will help your hair to stay fresh longer.
There are folk remedies that will help your hair remain longer clean and fresh. After shampooing rinse hair decoction of nettle, wormwood, make an egg mask. These methods normalize the sebaceous glands and allow you to wash your hair less frequently.