Directly in front of the connecting plate Hansa, unpack it, carefully inspect the appearance panel and make sure that no mechanical damage that could occur during transportation.
If you do not have time or you are not friends with electricity, contact the specialists involved in the installation and connection of electric stoves Hansa. For installation of gas cookers should also consult the specialists as to make their own is strictly prohibited. When using the services of the masters, require fill the card for the installation of electric stoves, duly stamped, in case you encounter any problems.
Make sure the stove Hansa comes with a power cord with a plug and visually inspect their serviceability before connecting to the mains. If the power cord and cable are not available, you can buy them separately at an electronics store.
Then enjoy the installation of power sockets, remember, it must have a grounding contact, an electrical cable and plug. If you have already had the stove, using the same socket with the wire from the old plate. If the old outlet, which was formerly connected to plate 3 contacts and 3 wires, it is single-phase wiring diagram, but if 5 pins and 5 wires is three phase wiring diagram.
When the cooktop is connected to Hansa single-phase lines it is necessary to perform several steps. After the installation of power sockets with three contacts, connect them. Then connect the power plug with three contacts for the three-core wire cross-section 4mm. finally, connect the wire to the plate. Stove Hansa is connected, you can plug in! If you run a three-core wire cross-section 4 mm before the electrical panel and install a single pole breaker with a nominal value of 40 A.
To connect the plate Hansa three-phase lines install the power socket with five contacts, three-phase line, then connect the power plug with five contacts for the five-core wire cross section of 1.5 mm, and then connect the wire to your plate and turn it into a power outlet.
Don't forget before connecting the cooker to adjust the legs by unscrewing or screwing, if the floor is uneven in the house.