What is an electronic cigarette

The electronic cigarette looks like usual, but it's reusable, inside it contains a cartridge with an aromatic liquid. In the process of Smoking a built in a cigarette, the steam generator converts the liquid into vapor, which the smoker inhales. Cigarette can even have illuminated tip for a complete sense of identity.

The liquid inside the device can contain various substances. As a rule, nicotine (up to 36мг/ml), various flavorings and polyethylene glycol or propylene glycol. Composition and percentage content of substances vary, depending on the type and "strength" of the cartridge.

A person can regulate the nicotine content in the cigarette, gradually reducing it. So you can beat your habit of Smoking.

Is this harmful?

Of course, electronic cigarettes harmful. Because the Smoking process takes place in any case, and nicotine inhaled by man, does not become less harmful because he is not the product of decay, and contains in pairs. It turns out that the electronic cigarette is also harmful. What are its advantages compared to conventional?

Advantages of electronic cigarette

In the electronic cigarettes contains less nicotine than normal. So you can quit Smoking simply by reducing its content, and it is easier to do than regular cigarettes. The fact that the dependence from Smoking is not only physiological, but also psychological nature. So, even removing from the electronic cigarette nicotine at all, you will still be able to continue "Smoking" if it reduces stress.

Electronic cigarettes harmless to others. Numerous studies have shown that the harm from passive Smoking, almost more than the active. And with the active Smoking harm from electronic cigarettes is significantly reduced.

There are important points you should be aware of. First, electronic cigarettes are not certified by the Ministry of health, so it is not known whether they are harmful in fact. Secondly, it is very important to carefully consider the purchase of cartridges, as they may contain a variety of substances, including quite toxic.

You should not start to smoke e-cigarettes, thinking that it is impossible to addiction. Known cases of how people acquired the habit of Smoking with electronic cigarettes.