If you bought the onion sets in the spring and don't know in what conditions it was stored -be sure to warm it. This is done so. Scatter onions in a single layer in a shallow box (boxes) and put in a warm place. For example, near the radiator. Warmed onion for 15 -20 days.
Strelkovanie affected mostly large sets. Such heating will significantly reduce strelkovanie plants.
Sets the small diameter of less than 1cm is usually not subject to strelkovanie. And regardless of the time of landing, conditions of storage at any temperature - the shooter throws.
Small onions can be planted in the spring and before winter.
Before planting onion sets to warm up and the sun if the weather permits.
It will be sufficient to take such sunbathing. Just don't leave your spring sets for the night on the street. Remember that spring night is still cold.
If onion you heat failed and the arrows still appear on the plants, willywayne them in the initial stage.
Plants, which continue to receive new arrows, alas, full of bulbs will not. This onion use to the greens in the first place. Pull out a bow from the ground.