The most popular sausage cheese won in the Soviet times. It was affordable and accessible to all food. And now the many fans of this dairy product. The most traditional dish is the sausage sandwich with cheese and butter. It certainly tried many. However, with this cheese you can prepare salad, snacks, hot sandwiches, filling for tartlets.

Salads with sausage cheese

To prepare this simple but very interesting on the taste of the dish you will need:
- 5 cucumbers;
- 250 g sausage smoked cheese;
- 1 pack of crab sticks or crab meat;
- 3 garlic cloves;
- sour cream or mayonnaise for refueling.

All the ingredients for the salad are crushed. Cheese is best grated on a grater with large holes. The sour cream added crushed garlic, it turns out the sauce for the filling. All mixed in a deep container. To make the salad more useful and fill it with vitamins, you can add radish or finely chopped cabbage. For decoration you can adjust the dill sprigs or parsley.

Smoked cheese can be perfectly combined with tomatoes, marinated mushrooms. This option is ideal as a filling snack. Ham, boiled beef, green peas, fine shade smoked flavor cheese.

Hot sandwiches with smoked cheese

A delicious dish to prepare just instantly. Perfect option for Breakfast, you can serve guests who suddenly descended.

To prepare 10 sandwiches you will need:
- 1-2 carrots;
- 300 g of zucchini ;
- 300 g of cheese of sausage;
- 150 g of fresh mushrooms, would be the best mushrooms;
- 10 slices of baguette or toast bread;
- sour cream.

Carrots, cheese and zucchini are rubbed on a grater. In the mix better to add a couple of tablespoons of sour cream to sandwiches turned out juicy. For piquant taste, you need to add garlic. The bread laid out the mixed ingredients are added on top of slices of mushrooms. Mushrooms are also slightly lubricated with mayonnaise. Bake the sandwiches at a temperature 190оС until Golden color.

Smoked cheese goes well with garlic, so in such a mixture can serve as a filling for tartlets. This method of supplying snacks has become very popular to decorate the dish with herbs, olives or cherry tomatoes.