Advice 1: How to treat hemorrhoids with traditional methods

Hemorrhoid is a dilation of the hemorrhoidal venous plexus in the anus and beneath the mucous membrane of the lower rectum. The cause of this disease may be congenital predisposition, heavy physical work, bowel disease, infection and alcoholism. But there are many folk remedies that help to deal with hemorrhoids.
There are many folk remedies that help to cope with hemorrhoids

Symptoms and traditional methods of hemorrhoid treatment

Distinguish between external and internal hemorrhoids. The worsening of the disease contribute to overeating, constipation, pregnancy and ageing. Hemorrhoids occur pain when urinating, feeling of heaviness, burning and itching in the anus, bleeding or blood in the stool and the prolapsed hemorrhoid.
In severe cases, it requires surgery.

For prevention of hemorrhoids, it is recommended to adhere strictly to the diet to prevent the development of constipation, a thorough carrying out of hygienic procedures after each bowel movement. In the period of exacerbation of hemorrhoids prescribed enema with chamomile, painkillers and anti-inflammatory suppositories.

How to treat hemorrhoids at home

Hemorrhoids useful to swallow whole pieces of peeled garlic. It is not digested and, leaving feces, cauterizes the skin surface, helping her heal.

There are many very effective non-traditional methods of hemorrhoid treatment. You can prepare the ointment, which will need to:

- 0.5 liters of vegetable oil;
- 1 big onion;
- 100 grams of beeswax.

Onion peel, chop with a knife or in a blender subsidiaries and fry in a hot vegetable oil. Then strain through a multilayer gauze filter. Melt in warm (not hot) mixture of beeswax. Apply the ointment as an external tool in the treatment of hemorrhoids.

Constipation and hemorrhoids recommended to drink the juice from the pulp of the melon. It must take ½ Cup 2 times a day. As a laxative for constipation and hemorrhoids instead of papaya juice can be consumed the flesh of the melon.

You can take mixture of juices of carrot, lettuce and spinach. They are taken in the ratio of 4:3:2 (on 4 parts of carrot juice, 3 parts of juice of lettuce and 2 spinach). Drink mix it is necessary before meals 3 times a day. Daily dose of 2 cups.

Effective in treating hemorrhoids potatoes. One of the popular methods is the use of potato juice:

Thoroughly wash the potato under running water. Then with the peel, grate it on a grater in a clean and dry dish and squeeze the juice. Then pour 1 tablespoon of freshly squeezed juice in a small syringe and insert into the anus at night. Do this for 10 days.

Effective for the treatment of hemorrhoids various herbal teas, applied externally and internally.

To prepare herbal infusion you will need:

- 2 parts leaf sage;
- 3 parts chamomile flowers;
- 3 pieces of fruit horse chestnut;
- 5 pieces of oak bark.

Grind all the ingredients and mix. Take 3 tablespoons of the mixture, pour a liter of boiling water and let steep for 6 hours. Use an infusion for baths and poultices to the anal area hemorrhoids.

To make an infusion for internal use, it is necessary to take in equal amounts:

- Senna leaf;
- buckthorn bark;
- licorice root;
- the fruit of coriander.

Chop all ingredients and mix. Pour 1 tablespoon of herbal mixture a glass of boiling water. Insist to cool. Drink the infusion at night for ½ Cup.

Advice 2: How to treat external hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids is a serious disease of the rectum. Treatment need to be addressed immediately, as soon as the first signs of it. It is worth noting that colon cancer often begins with a seemingly innocuous hemorrhoids. Take care of your health and try to cure the disease.
How to treat external hemorrhoids
You will need
  • - pochechuynaya tea;
  • - aspen leaves;
  • - turpentine;
  • - dandelion roots;
  • - sea buckthorn oil and candles;
  • - chamomile, chestnut, Clary sage and oak bark.
Narva aspen leaves and rinse them thoroughly under running water. Put on a clean towel and let them dry a bit. Place the leaves in an enamel pan and remember. If you have a blender, then chop the leaves and press them with the juice. By the way have a juicer. Thoroughly rinse the perineum with warm water. Moisten a cotton swab in the juice and apply it to the prolapsed hemorrhoids. Keep about 1-2 hours, but longer is better.
Take pochechuynaya tea. To brew it, following the directions on the package. The course of treatment should be about 10-15 days, but not less, otherwise the result will be. Contraindications may be individual intolerance knotweed. Be careful, the gifts of nature can provoke a severe allergic reaction.
Buy in the drugstore sea buckthorn oil. Treat prolapsed nodes and lubricate the entire area around the anus. It will not hurt and rectal suppositories, which are composed of the same oil. Enter them two times a day, but processing the oil at the same stop. Don't forget to check the annotation or consult a proctologist.
Do sitz baths horse chestnut, chamomile, oak bark and sage. Mix all the raw material in equal proportions. Then boil 5 tablespoons in a liter of water, wrap up and give a little brew. The broth is dilute with warm water to 3-4 liters. Procedure is carried out for about 30-40 minutes.
Add 20 drops of gum turpentine in 50 ml of water. Moisten a cotton swab in the resulting liquid and apply on the sore spot. Gadgets need to do at least three times a day.
If the size of the dropped nodes does not decrease, go to the reception to the proctologist. Will not prevent diagnosis of disease, often with external hemorrhoids can be internal. The doctor will prescribe medication or advise you to undertake hemorrhoid surgery. Fear not, the rehabilitation process will be fast.
Depending on where located nodes, isolated hemorrhoids external (or external), internal and combined. All these forms occur equally often, causing patients a lot of discomfort. The disease is well understood, and in modern medical literature, there is enough information about how external haemorrhoids and how to treat this pathology.
Useful advice
The question of treatment of hemorrhoids is very sensitive and the healing process takes a lot of effort how to treat this kind of hemorrhoids will be discussed in this article. If You have external hemorrhoids treatment should be carried out in several stages. You should know that external hemorrhoid is the formation of lumps when stretching of the veins of the anus. It is easy to detect, unlike internal.
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