On garlic sauce

As the name implies, the main ingredient of this wonderful sauce is a natural seasoning ingredient is garlic. The disadvantages of this product can be attributed to only one thing — too pungent smell. However, in the process of heat treatment, it acquires a slightly different shade, lighter, more appetizing and flavorful.

The main advantages of garlic: its ability to fight harmful microorganisms and viruses, strengthen the immune system and therefore health.

There is a huge variety of recipes garlic sauce. It is prepared on the basis of sour cream or butter, and broth. It all depends on personal preferences of the cook and the food to which the sauce will be served.

Recipe for classic garlic sauce

To prepare the classic version of the sauce you'll need the following products:
- garlic — 6-8 cloves;
- egg yolk — 2 pieces;
- vegetable oil — 250 ml;
- lemon juice — 3 tbsp;
- pepper;
- herbes de Provence.

Garlic peel and crush them in a special mortar with addition of a small amount of salt. You can use a press for garlic, but grinding with a mortar will allow us to saturate the sauce spicy aroma of the vegetable. Put the chopped garlic in a bowl and add the raw yolks. Whisk everything with a mixer or whisk.

The mass gradually add the lemon juice. Then, still whisking the sauce, carefully add vegetable oil, pouring it very thin stream. It is important not to change the direction of the Corolla. The sauce will gradually thicken. Then add the prepared spices to taste. Store the prepared sauce in the refrigerator.

Garlic sauce for croutons

Very tasty and unusual is the combination of the garlic sauce with fresh crunchy croutons. To prepare this version of the sauce prepare:
- garlic — 2-3 cloves;
- cheese — 200 g;
- milk — 100 ml;

In a small saucepan, bring milk to a boil. Cheese grate on a coarse grater and add to milk. Heat over low heat, continuing to stir the sauce until a mass of uniform consistency. Then pour the sauce in a cold dish. Add salt and pepper to taste, and garlic, passed through the press. Stir and serve with croutons.

These croutons will be a great addition to the first dishes: borscht, beetroot soup, vegetable broth.